Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A to Z Challenge - E is for Emmalee

It's time for another A to Z Challenge! This year, I want to tell you about a story that is currently a WIP (work in progress). It's the story I'm writing in honor of my baby lovebird, Robert. It's a fantasy story, but it's really a story about emotional healing. So let's examine it by going through the alphabet!

Today, we are up to the letter e. E is for Emmalee.

Emmalee is the name of the main character, the narrator in The Good Pirate, Robert.

We experience all of Locreya, and all of the adventures with Robert through Emmalee's eyes. We also get to experience her thoughts and emotions. Writing in first person gives you a whole new perspective on the story. It's really quite fascinating to write.

Emmalee is a curious, strong willed, vibrant young woman. She pokes fun at Robert, but is quite dependent on him.She quickly finds her place among his crew. She shows us that magic and fantasy are real...even in adulthood.

Emmalee is a wonderful character, and she is the best person to narrate the story of Robert. She brings it to life!

Come on back for the letter f tomorrow!

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Patrick Stahl said...

She sounds like a cool character and great perspective to have for the story!