Monday, April 18, 2016

A to Z Challenge - O is for Originality

It's time for another A to Z Challenge! This year, I want to tell you about a story that is currently a WIP (work in progress). It's the story I'm writing in honor of my baby lovebird, Robert. It's a fantasy story, but it's really a story about emotional healing. So let's examine it by going through the alphabet!

O is for originality

Robert's story is unlike anything you've ever read before. I know, every writer has said that about every book that has ever been written. In this case, though, I can prove it to be true.

First off, how many books have you read about or starring pirate Lovebirds? Yeah, that's what I thought. ;)

Seriously though, this story is highly entertaining while also bringing a wonderful message of peace, hope, and healing. It can be a children's book, while also being poignant enough to be an adult read.

This story contains characters, who not only differ in species, color, and everything else, but who have such depth and sincerity about them. They are as palpable as the emotions this book is founded upon.

It is technically a good versus evil story, but what the evil is, and how it is conquered is incredibly unique. It's anything but cliche.

The tale of The Good Pirate, Robert is a great, unique one that will take you on many adventures, and it will reside deeply in your heart.

Tune in tomorrow for the letter p!


Fran Clark said...

Sounds like a great premise for a story and who doesn't love a bit of good v evil? Even better if you can get it to appeal to all ages. Good luck!

Writing Women’s Fiction

Jess said...

This sounds lovely! I'd love to read it sometime!! :)

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

Pirates? Birds? Good vs. evil? What's not to love? Good luck with the rest of the AtoZchallenge.