Friday, August 26, 2016

Pianissimo...en Espanol?!

Pianissimo va a llegar en espanol!

Say what?

It's true, folks! Pianissimo has been translated into Spanish and the Spanish edition is coming soon! I am VERY excited about this, and am hoping that this will be the first of many translated versions of all of my books. For now, check this out:

Con carrera de Darryl ejército llegando a su fin, él y su esposa, Corinne, se sienten listos para instalarse en Louisville, Kentucky. Darryl es enviado en una gira final, dejando solo Corinne a vivir en esta nueva casa y nueva ciudad. Pero alguien o algo no quiere que ella tiene una vida tranquila o aburrida. Y luego está el piano espeluznante en el sótano…

REVIEWS (English Editions)

Imagine a piano, once beautiful now old, that holds a secret to change a young woman’s life.

A fascinating concept revealed through letters and an ancient much abused piano. A young couple buys an old house . The man goes off to his last tour in a war zone and left alone, the wife discovers more than she expected when she enters the basement.

Secrets, an exquisite love story from another era are revealed as the young woman struggles to remove paint from the piano where beneath the ugly green lies mahogany. Pianissimo is a story of growth, understanding and love to capture the reader’s heart.

~~Don Thorkelson

I loved reading all the history of the family, house and piano…

What a great idea! I loved reading all the history of the family, house and piano..and tying it in to the present day. I found the book to be very interesting and I was totally invested in what happened to the characters.


She just gets better and better with her details

Lauren has outdone herself with [Painissimo]! She just gets better and better with her details, adjectives and story lines. This is a MUST READ!

She can capture your mind right into the book. You will see yourself in the midst of the drama. Don’t forget to read her other classics as well!

~~Lisa Cogar

¡Próximamente! ¡En Español!