Thursday, August 29, 2013

Page 69 Trial...Well, sort of.

It's Thursday again, fellow bibliophiles! ;)

Since last week was the release of my newest work; the first in the Loving Her series: The Ballerina, I thought it would be neat to give y'all a teaser.

As you know, I typically do the Page 69 trial with my novels. Therein lies the problem. You see, these are novellas. And the Ballerina does not have 69 pages.

What is a girl to do?

I tried double spacing it. Page 69 falls in the middle of two different sections.


So, I just went with what I believe to be a pretty good teaser.

Hope y'all enjoy! ;)

“Wow,” Jen whispered as she admired the pointe shoes Liz had just worn in the performance. The pink satin held a secret. They appeared soft and delicate, but the toe of the shoe was hard and square. The elastic seemed to constrict, rather than expand. These shoes were unlike anything Jen had ever seen before.
She knocked on the toe of the shoe. “It’s hard.” She said in sheer amazement.
“Yeah,” Liz replied. “Those are made by a Russian company. I prefer the Russian shoes because they’re harder than then the French of Italian shoes. They use more paste and material to make a harder box and shank. They’re sturdier for me, they feel more secure. And, I don’t know… I just like how they feel.”
“You like how they feel?!”
“Comparatively speaking!” Liz chuckled.
“These seem…painful.”
“They are. It’s really hard when you first start. Your feet bleed and stuff. You eventually build up to it, sort of. I mean, it still hurts a bit, but you just deal with it. It’s never like walking on a cloud, though. It’s not what it looks like.”
“It did look so effortless watching you up there.”
“Yeah, it’s not. It’s pain and discomfort. But you just smile and keep on going.”
“Wow! You know, you hear about how high heels are bad for your feet. These must be murder!”
“They’re not the best.”
“What do your feet look like?” Jen asked curiously.
Liz, sitting with her feet tucked underneath her legs, started to look uncomfortable. “Oh, well…they’re not pretty.”
“No? What do the shoes do to you?”
“They just wreak havoc on your feet. That’s all.”
“Can I see?”
“They’re not pretty,” Liz repeated.
“I’d like to see.”
Liz took in a deep breath. Slowly, she uncurled. With trepidation, she gradually slid her feet forward.
Liz’s long, lean, infinite legs stretched before her. Jen studied her feet. Boney and bruised, they were anything but attractive. The bottoms of her feet were layered sheets of callouses. Her toes appeared misshapen, flat and squished together. Even her toenails were discolored and appeared unhealthy. On her feet, Liz’s normally fair skin was red, cracked and peeling. Blood blisters and wounds of all sorts were sprinkled all over the tops of her feet. Indeed, there was nothing pretty or dainty about them. “See, they’re ugly.” She said, and she quickly hid them again.
“Wow. I am so sorry.” Jen said softly.
“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Liz looked down at the bed, keeping her gaze away from Jen.
“But…I just don’t get why.”
“Why I would knowingly do this to myself?” Liz’s twang echoed through the dark room.
“Well, yeah.”
“Because it’s what I love. I just feel like I was born to dance. It’s a small sacrifice to pay for pursuing your dream. I just wish I wasn’t so ugly.”
“You?! Are you kidding?! You’re beautiful!”
“But my feet…”
“They are beautiful in their own way. The fact that they are the way they are because of you pursuing your dream and your passion makes them beautiful,” Jen said. “Come here,” she rose off the bed.
She took Liz by the hand and led her to the full length mirror hanging on the wall of the hotel room. “Look at you.” Jen gently led Liz in front of her. “You have the most amazing, beautiful red hair. Your eyes are the most unusual but simply gorgeous shade of green I have ever seen. You are tall and lean. Your body is pure muscle.” Jen wrapped her arms around Liz’s waist. “Your legs are long and slender. And your feet are just perfect.” She softly kissed the nape of Liz’s neck. “Just perfect,” she whispered again.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally!!! My BIG Announcement!

Happy Friday morning, gang!

You've survived it. The day has FINALLY come! You waited for my big announcement and now is the time!

First, I'd like to thank the academy... ;) I'm just teasing.

Without further ado, here it is:

I have redone ALL of the stories in Loving Her. Instead of one small book, each character now has her own novella. There is still the intertwining and overlapping of stories. However each woman, each book, can also stand on her/its own.

It is AMAZING to see how these women have grown. I am so happy and excited with these stories, and I think you will be as well. You will get to know these women so much more intimately. You will see where they came from. You will experience the events that shaped them into the women they are. There is depth, emotion. I hate to sound cliché, but you will laugh and cry with these women. You will see how they impact and affect each other's lives.

My publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing has been so amazingly supportive. They accepted Loving Her in its original format. They have allowed me to grow and improve tremendously as a writer. And now, they have given me the opportunity to redesign these stories and to create a series out of them. They gave me my foundation and they gave me my wings. This series is a testament to the caliber of work they produce and the nurturing environment they give to their writers so that we may grow, improve and succeed. Truly, this release is a win-win for VHP, myself and you the readers! This series is for all of us!

I have dedicated this series to the memory of my grandfather. He was (and still is) the most important person in my life. He has always been the biggest supporter of my writing. To thank him, and to celebrate his birthday (Aug. 23, 1919), I am releasing the first of these stories. I am giving you a gift on his birthday.

Welcome to a beautiful new tapestry of love and life! We are beginning this new journey with Liz: a 5'10" redheaded pickup truck driving lesbian ballerina. Though she sounds more mystical than the Loch Ness Monster, she is real. She is a real woman with an amazing story to share. A story that will truly touch your heart.

Happy birthday to my beloved grandfather, and happy reading to you!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Week and a Day

Happy Thursday, gang!

So today, I wanted to express my excitement and enthusiasm. In EIGHT days, I will have something wonderful to share with you!

I'm excited. There has been a lot of change and progression. In eight days, you will understand what that means.

I hate being vague, but this one cat that needs to stay in the bag until next Friday.

So what does this mean for you? Well, lots of suspense between now and then. Stay tuned to my twitter and Facebook accounts for more info, updates and teases.

Next week, my blog will be pushed to Friday. I would like to keep you in suspense for as long as I can (mean, I know). And of course, an announcement on Friday should really warrant its own blog. So, I'm gonna make you wait!

EIGHT long days!

Eight days and we will embark on a wonderful new adventure together. Hang in there! It'll be worth it, I promise!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Only 15 days Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday, gang!

If you haven't already noticed, I am very much a count-down type of person. I like to plan things. I like to think ahead. Good, bad or different, that's just me.

So, you can imagine how excited I must be that we have something WONDERFUL happening on Aug. 23.

August 23 is my grandfather's birthday. He passed in April. I know full well that I am incredibly blessed to have had him all this time. He was 93, he would be turning 94 on Aug. 23. I know people who have lost parents, siblings and children...all fairly recently. I hate talking about my loss with/around them because I feel that their pain & losses are far greater than mine.

My grandfather is the most important person in my life. Always has been, always will. You don't need to know my family history, all of our deep, dark secrets, etc. Really, the only important thing right now is my grandfather.

So, being the person that I am, I did not want his birthday to come and go as an ordinary day. So it won't! I am getting the most wonderful, amazing way to pay him tribute on his birthday!

What is it? Ah patience, grasshopper. For that, you will need to wait.

That is what brings us back to the count-down concept. I am counting down the number of days till 8/23. I hope you will count down with me. Because for as special as that day will be for me, it will be ten times better for you! :)

Happy reading!!!! :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Joyful Writing

It is Thursday yet again!

Today, I want to talk about the joy of writing.

For anyone who knows me personally knows that I am very fully, silly person. I love to joke around and make people laugh.

What's interesting is that as a child, I was very serious and intense. Laughter was hard for me.

I'm glad I've lightened up as I've gotten older. But I do still remain rather serious when it comes to my writing. At times, it has been more like a chore than a joy. I did it out of obligation rather than out of my passion. I enjoyed my finished products, but the joy of the process had been lost.

As you know, I am rewriting the stories in Loving Her. In doing so, I see how I have changed. I see how my writing style has changed and improved. I see how I - and my characters - have evolved. More importantly, I see how the joy has come back.

I am getting lost in these women and their stories. I am writing feverously. I look forward to writing. I am enjoying the process again.

I feel as though I have woken up. I feel so much observant of thing. I just feel content.

This personal reinvention is not just about my name. It is exactly that: a real personal reinvention. My books are the positive product and you, the readers, reap the rewards of it all.

I am looking forward to all of the writing yet to be done, and for your enjoyment of these new and improved stories.

Happy reading! ;)