Saturday, April 2, 2016

A to Z Challenge - B is for Bird

It's time for another A to Z Challenge! This year, I want to tell you about a story that is currently a WIP (work in progress). It's the story I'm writing in honor of my baby lovebird, Robert. It's a fantasy story, but it's really a story about emotional healing. So let's examine it by going through the alphabet!

B is for Bird

Robert was a real bird. A baby Lovebird. He was one in an unexpected clutch from our pair. An encounter with a dog left him with some brain damage. He was a bright little guy, just developmentally slower than his siblings. He charmed his way into the hearts of many as I shared endless pictures and videos of him on Facebook.

He hatched in June of 2015, and passed away unexpectedly in September 2015. I still miss him greatly. Which is why I am writing this story. I hope that once it's complete, this book will honor the wonderful little man that was Robert.

Don't forget to come back to see what the letter c will be!

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Ravyne said...

Oh! he was such an adorable little fella. I look forward to more of his adventures! Such a loving thing you are doing writing this story in his honor :)
Have a great weekend!

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