Monday, April 25, 2016

A to Z Challenge - U is for Ubiquity

It's time for another A to Z Challenge! This year, I want to tell you about a story that is currently a WIP (work in progress). It's the story I'm writing in honor of my baby lovebird, Robert. It's a fantasy story, but it's really a story about emotional healing. So let's examine it by going through the alphabet!

U is our letter today, and u is for ubiquity.

One thing that I have discovered in writing a fantasy is that fantasy and imagination are everywhere. If you look at the world around us, it really is quite amazing. We have so many different life forms. Sunsets are different every night. Tree species vary tremendously. Each and every snowflake from across time and across the globe is unique. With such creativity and imagination, it isn't all that difficult to come up with a story that embellishes said creativity and imagination. Every bird that flies around us inspires creativity. Every flower we behold promotes imagination. Fantasy surrounds us. Our reality is one of such beauty and artistry, that fantasy is obviously ubiquitous.

Check in tomorrow for the exciting letter v! See you then!

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Liz said...

Definitely i revel in the wonderful range of beauty we have here on this planet! I do wonder about snowflakes, though - how do they know...?!! For sure! ~Liz