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Character Interview: Stephania

Good Friday morning, world! Stretch those arems up, 'cause it's time to wake up! This morning's character interview is the ever vibrant Stephania from Loving Her.

Good morning, Stephania!

Good morning!

Steph, you have got to be one of the most (if not THE most) interesting characters in Loving Her. You're multi-racial; bi-lingual; your relationship with Maria is unique; you're a model, and you have a temper like I've never seen before! You're many things warpped up in one package. Have you always been such a dynamic person?

Yes, I am many things. But I'm proud of who I am. I love my heritage, I love Maria, and I love my work. My parents always taught me to stand up for myself. I think life is dull if you're a two-dimensional person.

Your cover of Curve was tremendous for you not only because it had been a goal of yours, but because of what transpired during your trip to California. What was that whole experience like for you?

It was bittersweet. Obviously, being on any magaazine cover is always exciting. To be on the cover of a magazine that means so much to you is a dream come true. The shoot was long and it was a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, a lot of the excitement was overshadowed by Maria's loss. I will say, that my confrontation with Marisol kind of made up for that, though. I finally got to put her in her place. I stood up for my woman and her family, and I do not regret saying or doing what I did even though it was right after the funeral.

Yes, that's Marisol. I don't care if I never see her ugly-ass face again!

Sorry! Moving on. Steph, you didn't even recall how you met the group when Katie was introduced to all of you. I think a lot of people would find that to be quite curious. Do you have anything to say in your defense?

Well, it had been several years, and I don't focus on why we get together as a group, just the fact that we do. Besides, that story was more about meeting Maria than anything.

Of the gals, who is the one person you feel closest to?

Probably Katie, even though she's one of the newbies. She fits Linda really well, and she and I had that great talk right outside of VHUP. I normally don't talk about things like that, but I thought it was really important for Katie to know what had happened. I knew Linda would never tell her, and I had to watch out for Linda's best interest. I didn't think Katie could ever possibly hurt her, but I can't control my protective side. My point is, having that talk with Katie really solidified our friendship.

Awe! Look at Katie and Linda. I love Katie as a brunette! They are so happy and perfect together!

Finally, what do you think is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I hate eating healthy. I adore Wawa eggnog. I can never get enough of the stuff. Not good for a model, I know. I spend way too much time in the gym. I hate that, too, but it pays the bills, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Thanks so much for your time, Stephania!

Happy weekend reading! :)

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Woo hoo! I'm on Romance in the Back Seat! :)

Good morning!

The other day, I was asked to give my two cents about the 1980's. A decade that I just happen to be stuck in! ;) I thought it would be a grouping of authors discussing the 80s. But it's not! It's just me (and KITT from Knight Rider)!

Check out my guest blog on the 1980's! Yay! :) Many, MANY thanks to Romance in the Back Seat! :)

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Falling in Love...Again!

I'm actually writing this ahead of time as I have a crazy morning ahead of me. Two hour drive before my muscle biopsy. I have waited thirty years for this procedures and the answers it will bring, so I am nervous. I need to be focused in the morning. You won't be reading it till I'm on my way to the hospital, but nonetheless, it's being written now. :)

I've come a tremendous way in Impeccable today. Far more than I ever could have expected. And as usual, I went to my default: looking at pictures. I'm a very visual person. I found two new pics of the actress I have in mind for Alex, and it was as if I was Carol falling in love with her all over again. These pictures are stunning. This woman is breath-taking. It was a moment. As if I wasn't driven enough, seeing those pictures made me want to write any more. I had to write for that beautiful woman.

So, I did. A few thousand words later, I am extremely happy with my progress, and this book.

If those pictures didn't cause me to fall in love with Alex again, I'd be in some serious trouble. I look at Carol and I see myself. I can look in the mirror a million times a day. That does not bring inspiration. Love, devotion, pain, anger - EMOTIONS are inspiration. Falling in love with Alex again made this book real, and it made her real.

I think that people often wonder about the imaginary friends we writers have. No one can see or hear them, except us. We are the only ones who hear their voices, feel their emotions, know their dreams. We're the only ones who know they exist, until their story is finally in print. But they're real. They are extensions of ourselves. If they're not, then there is no story. If you feel no love, no hatred, no anger, no pain, then your book has no spine. Literally. We, as humans, are emotionally driven creatures. We need those emotions to understand the world around us. We need those emotions to ooze from our words and touch our readers. Our emotional attatchments to our characters must be real. Our characters must be real, otherwise our story will not be real. If our story is not real, then these are nothing more than meaningless words and letters on paper or on a screen.

Have you ever seen a foreign language like Russian or Greek? The symbols are very foreign to us, but you know they must mean something, right? Well, if there is no emotion or reality behind our characters and stories, all we're looking at are foreign symbols that make no sense to us. That is a world I do not want to live in! I want to know. I want to understand. I want to feel. And I want you to do the same.

And so, I leave you with this: a good book is not one that uses fancy, flowery language. A good book is one that makes you sweat; it makes you cry; it makes you scream; it pisses you off; it makes you laugh; it makes you think about long after you have closed it. That means it was real, and it was good.

Happy reading! ;)

Monday News

Good morning, world!

Today's blog will be a short one as I'm a tad under the weather today.

There's not too much to report this week. I'm having minor surgery tomorrow, so I'll be getting some writing and light work done.

I have a new Unbreakable Hostage quiz up on Facebook! Click HERE to take it! I'd love to know who YOU are! ;)

To end today's blog, here are some pictures from my book signing in Suffern, NY. As you can see, this ain't your Mama's book signing! ;)

Authors Charmaine Gordon and Chelle Cordero and I are the new Rockettes! ;)

Reader Barbara Cordero Du-Bois and myself

VHP's Angels! Watch out world, here we come! :)

Me giving a reading from Loving Her. I read two excerpts from Unbreakable Hostage, too. ;)

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APA: Susan Hanniford Crowley

I need to start off with a serious apology. Due to an unexpected medical emergency, I was unable to post this interview when it was due, on 5/6. My deepest apologies to Susan and to APA. I'm getting myself caught up on things, but I do sincerely apologize for the delay.


Good morning, fellow bibliophiles! This morning's APA guest is Susan Hanniford Crowley.

Good morning, Susan! Anything I can get you?

Tea with cream and three sugars. Thanks.

First off, you call yourself a cross-over writer from sci fi/fantasy to paranormal romance. Besides the obvious romantic aspect, what do you find to be different between the two genres?

In science fiction or fantasy, the hero or heroine is the main character and their focus is fixing the major problem in their world, such as Frodo destroying the ring to save Middle Earth, There may or may not be a romance of significance in the plot. In paranormal romance, the focus is how the hero and heroine get together and if they can stay together. I bend a little in that my work borders on urban fantasy. Laura Cordelais loves David Hill but she also wants to save a city and things get complicated. Romance in science fiction and fantasy don't usually have the sexy scenes of a romance. Romance always has a "happily ever after" ending or at least a "happy for now" commitment between the couple.

I have been fascinated with vampires since childhood. I remember being so enthralled (and dare I admit even a bit infatuated) with Dracula, but I've found it tremendously difficult to write about vampires, werewolves, and the like. Do you find it difficult? How did you get into writing such interesting stories? Has this been a life-long passion of yours? (Sorry to hit you with 3 at once! LOL).

Even in science fiction and fantasy, I wrote strange stuff. Come to think of it, my writing has always been unusual. I started writing when I was eight. I found Dracula and Barnabas Collins in "Dark Shadows" fascinating. It wasn't until a few years ago that an author friend of mine suggested I try romance. I had been dreaming vampires and thought it was just a fantasy. I was very wrong. It also helped that I had been researching vampires for over 25 years and have talked on vampire panels at science fiction and fantasy conventions.

In The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais,

you say that she is "descended from an ancient race blessed by Zeus." is mythology/ancient cultures & religions an integral part of all your writings? I am a nerd - especially with history and ancient cultures. Is there any particular reason why you chose Zeus (and the ancient Greek belief system) for this book?

I'm part Greek and Greek mythology is close to my heart. I knew Laura was a being who controlled the weather, so I went deep into the more obscure parts and found the Telkhines. The demons also come from Greek mythology--I just expanded their powers.

The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais is a full length novel of exciting vampire romance and adventure spanning two cities and worlds you could only imagine. How much would you fight for someone you loved? Even if you knew having them was impossible?

Being descended from an ancient race blessed by Zeus doesn't help Telkhine Laura Cordelais, when she's desperate and standing between life and death. Her destiny looks bleak. Every choice leads to death, and there is no winning door. Or is there?

Begging God for love, Vampire David Hilliard finds his request answered in the form of the tormented and dying Laura. In saving her, he falls in love and dooms them both to a dark underworld of voodoo and sorcery from which nothing can escape.

Curses, Keres, demons, oh, my! And the unicorn's horn.

The prequel to The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais is the novella When Love Survives. A book about love even in the midst of disaster, it also introduces Vampire David Hilliard as a secondary character.

Regina O'Malley is a college student who's just discovered she's magic. Today is the first day of her internship at a prominent brokerage house at the World Trade Center, and she's late. She doesn't know disaster is right around the corner.

Gregor Vasiliev is a financial advisor at the World Trade Center. This shapeshifter hates the office coffee, and while on a donut run he gazes out the window of his favorite coffee shop. There in the street stands the lifemate he's been searching for. If he doesn't act now, he'll lose her forever.

IT'S SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

The novella that follows The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais is A Vampire for Christmas. This is the first in the Vampires in Manhattan series that reveals the presence of the Arnhem Knights in New York City.

Georgia doesn't know she's a Harmony. Jobless and about to be homeless, her heart sinks when a hand snatches the coat of her dreams from the storefront window. Then she sees him staring at her reflection . . . the stalker.

Trevor Stenwood, a vampire and Arnhem Knight, is handsome, sophisticated, and tongue-tied every time he sees her. Sworn to protect the supernaturals of the city, he's fallen for a woman marked for death by demons. How can he save her when she's afraid of him?

At Christmas time in New York City, will love bloom in the snow?

My publisher is Tease Publishing LLC.

Wow, those are fantastic! And I love the fact that they are all connected! They all sound like great reads!

Besides writing, I'm sure you have other hobbies and interests. One thing I noticed was that you have a beautiful photo gallery on your website. Are you a photographer as well?

It's really a hobby. I have done some paintings but prefer writing. My mom was an artist, and I learned from her to look for interesting compositions to photograph.

If you had only one book to read before you die, what would it be (please list the author, too), and why?

It would be whatever is brand new by a.c. Mason. Mason is a new urban fantastist with heavy, hot romantic elements in her books. Mason and I sometimes critique each other, so I would put off dying to read her newest book. LOL.

Sounds really good! If her work is worth putting off dying for, then I'll definitely check it out! :)

Thank you so much for joining us, Susan! It was a pleasure to have you here! Keep up the fantastic work! :)

Buy Links for The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais

Buy Link for When Love Survives

Buy Link for A Vampire for Christmas

APA: Ya Ya

Good morning, everyone! Today is a special day. I'm featuring young author, Ya Ya on today's blog as a part of the APA tour. She's young, but quite talented! I really think you'll enjoy her work. I know I did! :)

As well, at the end of the blog is a link as I am a guest blogger today! LOL. Busy, busy, busy! So please check out Ya Ya's work and my guest blog! :) Thanks! :)

A quick bio from Ya Ya: I am a new author. I write poetry, and my book is, "Reflections: Thoughts, Passions, and Truths". My poems are about a little bit of everything. I talk about sex, love, society, and education. I am a full time student and writing is something that I've always done. I recently got published, and my book was released March 24, 2010. It's available at

Reflections: Thoughts, Passions, and Truths is a collection of poems with eclectic themes. These poems are a mirror image of the author's most personal thoughts and most intimate moments in her life. This book gives the reader a front row look into the life of Ya Ya Z. Badasu. These poems are truly a reflection—a mirror image of her life, and they will allow you to see what she sees.

'Thoughts' gives the reader the ability to read right into Ya Ya's mind. No secrets are hidden and all of her desires will be known to the reader. ‘Passions; is full of sex, lust, and love. Her 'R' and ‘X’ rated poems are not for the readers who are bashful or ashamed of sex. These poems are purely sensual, and the language what goes along with them is dirty and hot. Finally, the 'Truth' is a collection of poems that tell the reader the plain truth about her life, her society, and her family.

Regardless of the style, Ya Ya shares her inner, most personal thoughts with her readers. These poems are Ya Ya's thoughts, passions, and truths and they are all reflections of her. Every thought, every idea, and every emotion that comes into her head goes onto the paper; thus, her book of poetry.


Check out my guest blog spot at

Thanks so much & happy reading! :)

APA: Katie Salidas

Good morning, readers! Today on the APA tour, we have the fabulous Katie Salidas! She's a real doll, so please give her a warm welcome! :)

Hi Katie! First off, I'm not sure if I already mentioned this or not, but I always offer my guests virtual coffee, tea, food, etc. Anything in particular you'd like?

Oh, why thank you! I would love a cup of tea if you have some.

Ok, for any of our readers who don't know Latin, would you mind translating your title, IMMORTALIS CARPE NOCTEM, and also explaining why you chose that as the title for your book?

Well, first I have to say I am terrible with names. I obsess over them endlessly until I find something that fits. It has to be perfect! While writing Immortals I kept looking into the story to find a basic thread. A theme if you will. Something that described the book in just a few words. They are Immortal, vampires that is and the Latin version of that is Immortalis. They live in the night. But, that is not the underlying theme. It’s a story about coming to terms and accepting it. Seizing the night so to speak. Many people are familiar with the phrase Carpe Diem, seize the day. Well that’s what my main character has to do … for the night and her newfound immortality. That is where it all fit together. Immortalis Carpe Noctem translates to Immortals, Seize the Night.

Your main character, Alyssa is assaulted on the UNLV campus. Any particular reason you chose Vegas? I used to live there and have some family out there, so I try to get out there as much as I can! :) I'm always intrigued when a story is based in Vegas! :)

I’m a Vegas native myself and I just felt it was a great setting for a vampire story. It’s a 24 hour town. There is something to do every part of the day and people, not just vampires tend to live more of a nocturnal lifestyle.

The specific places in the story all have some connection with my past. It goes back to that old saying “write what you know.” The cafĂ© Alyssa hangs out at was once a place I frequented. Sadly it burned down, but it was a place I loved and I wanted to immortalize it in my story. Other places, like her apartment, the neighborhood Lysander lives in, and the hotels they visit, are all places I too have been and know very well. I thought that using places like these would add a layer of realism to the story.

It does. I've done the same thing with my own writing. I think it gives the work that extra familiar touch that readers really enjoy! :)

Rising Sign books has Immortalis Carpe Noctem listed as your only book out right now. Do you have any projects you're currently working on?

Oh yes! I’ll be releasing a small collection of erotica shorts over the next year. Kind of teasers until the next book is released. The sequel to Immortalis is in the editing phase right now and should be available in print January of 2011

I have always been fascinated by Vampires, but found it difficult to write sci fi/fantasy. Is it easy for you to write fantasy?

Scifi is a bit hard to write, I am not as technically versed so writing something that not only relies on fiction but believable science behind it is out of my league.

Fantasy on the other hand is something I enjoy.

With fantasy, it is all about the world you create and remembering the rules. We all know the basics for vampires but the “why” behind them is where the world building and rules come in. As a writer, you have to establish them right off the bat and then hold true. My vampires, for instance, don’t go out into the sun, which I explain early on in the novel. Not that they will burst into flames, but that their skin is prone to burns and their eyes are extremely photosensitive. With that rule set, I can safely show you what happens to a vampire in the light without breaking the trust of the readers. I never said they would burst into flames.

Take the Vampire Diaries for example. The author there sets a rule that her vampires can be protected from sun damage with a magical ring.

Making up the rules for the world is one of the fun things. Playing by them can be hard though.

LOL. Isn't that true about everything in life? LOL.

Getting back to writing, outside of sci fi/fantasy, what is your favorite genre?

Oooh. I’d have to say romance. I’m a sucker for a good love story. I like my happily ever after and if it includes some steamy love scenes, all the better.

I'm with ya on that one! LOL.

The cover to Immortalis Carpe Noctem is very well done. Who designed your cover art?

I found a fabulous artist named Stella. She took my idea and ran with it, delivering a cover within a day that just knocked my socks off! Her art can be found here.

What is one thing that you think readers would be surprised to learn about you?

Well, believe it or not, I am a completely shy and introverted person. I’m more “at home” sitting behind my computer than out in the public eye. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t shied away from promoting my work, I just get a sense of stage fright every time I am in the spotlight.

That's interesting, especially with this tour! You're REALLY in the spotlight now! LOL.

Thank you SO much for being here, Katie! It was a pleasure having you on here! Keep up the great work! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your work! :)

Thanks again & happy reading! :)

APA: Lillian Brummet

Good morning, readers! Today, we have author Lillian Brummet as our guest!

Lillian Brummet is the co-author of Trash Talk and Purple Snowflake Marketing, author of Towards Understanding; host of both the Conscious Discussions talk radio show & the Authors Read radio program. She is a passionate, proactive individual who donates time, books, money and more to Seeds of Diversity, Canadian Wildlife Foundation, the Grand Forks and West Boundary Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, Women's Resource Center, Whispers of Hope Organization, Grand Forks Public Library, and the Community Futures Resource Center. Lillian and her husband Dave write as a team, and on their day’s off they can be found playing in the dirt (a.k.a. “gardening”), spending time with their dogs and enjoying low impact outdoor activities (snowshoeing, canoeing, hiking, etc).

Good morning, Lillian! Is there anything in particular I can get for you?

Oh Coffee! Definitely coffee, please. :) I’ve a huge passion for unflavored organic coffee – yum! Although I do limit myself to no more than 3 cups per day, there is not a day that goes by without at least 2 cups!

One thing that struck me right off the bat with you two is your diversity in work. You have Purple Snowflake Marketing - how to get your book noticed;

Towards Understanding - a non-fiction poetry book;

you drum, repair drums, etc. You also seem like a very eco-friendly couple. Is it easy for you to have so many different passions and callings?

Well, now THAT is an interesting question. Is it easy? Well, yes – and no. My passions run strong and if I could I’d split myself into ten strong ambitious people to take on everything I would love to be able to do! - lol – This is probably where the hard part comes in: being self disciplined enough to choose priorities from my list of to-do’s and following through until each project is completed. I am not a fan of waiting, and I am probably one of the most impatient persons you’ll come across. (She laughs) So slowing down and plodding along is a challenge for me, but it is one that I embrace at the same time.

Having Dave as a partner in all things makes the process easier. The simple act of having the other person to bounce ideas, to clear up confusion about what should be done next or how to handle a difficult issue – this is a pillar in our career, having each other for these kinds of things. We have been working together since Dave’s drum business, Drum-it Percussion, began back in the late 1980’s, and have been able develop a nice balance for each other’s strengths and weaknesses over the years.

Quite personally, I am beyond impressed. So often, we see people with just one passion and that can almost come across as flat. You, however, have such a beautiful, broad range of work and interests. Could you tell us a little about all of them and how they all ended up so deeply woven into your lives?

Sure, I’ll do my best to condense the last 20 years… It started with Dave being a drummer and wanting to be more self-sufficient. So he started Drum-it Percussion, and with me as a general helper and “gopher” (go for that part… go for this tool… lol) we began building and repairing drums. This portion of the business continues today although we no longer build drums… however Dave still teaches, hosts workshops and does repairs and tuning for a variety of percussion instruments. For this portion of the business, I am Dave’s helper.

We began the writing portion of Drum-it (which is an umbrella for everything we do) back in 1999 when a tragedy shocked us into realizing we were not living passionately. You see I was running a business, Dave was running his business and he also worked another job… and then I was in the middle of a 3-car pile up and those injuries required me to say goodbye to my business. At this point I hit bottom, I was in chronic depression and was thrown by the loss. I wondered why I had survived such a traumatic childhood, being on my own at 13, putting myself through school and starting a business… all for nothing. Then I realized that I was not following a purpose – I was conforming to society’s “should’s” and expectations. So I decided not to “should” on myself any more. I found that I could have value as an individual, leaving a lasting legacy with small daily actions. I loved writing, it came naturally to me and so after much discussion Dave and I took some courses to get us started on the path of professional writing and never looked back. We choose to write about things that will empower individuals to become more proactive in their live, and realize they have value and their everyday action can have a positive impact on the world around them.

That is such an incredible story! So many people do follow society's "shoulds" as you said. It's great that you are both living so passionately, and that you are sharing those passions with us.

Towards Understanding is perhaps one of your most profilic ways of sharing your passions with others. It is such a unique piece. So rarely do we see non-fiction poetry, and with such a powerful message! Was there a certain moment or turning point that made you decide to open yourself up that way and to create a book from your poetry?

After the release of Trash Talk, I weighed the idea of compiling the already written poetry into a book format – but was terrified since I felt it would feel as if I stood stark naked in front of the world. All my flaws are there to see. All the anger over the sexual abuse, all the confusion over the neglect and abandonment, the wonder at “normal” people and the desperate yearning to connect with people after feeling so isolated for so long. The dating woes, the yearning for true love… everything is there.

However, from personal experience I knew that the power of reading this kind of material could change a person’s life. I was also aware that many counselors and social workers were not fully equipped to deal with children from trauma – Oh, they are book-taught for sure, but they didn’t have the empathy, compassion or portray a comforting, understanding presence. The courage to share the work came slowly, starting with just a few pairs of eyes (friends) who encouraged me to enter poetry contests in my late-teenage years. After winning awards and honorable mentions, I began submitting to publications and when they began picking up my work, I thought – Hey! Maybe I can do this!

It is my hope that this book will show other victims of abuse, violence and neglect that they can live a wholesome life without baggage from the past. Second to that I wanted to provide a roadmap that showed the healing process that victims go through, letting others know they are not alone. People who are involved with victims can learn what that person is going through or will go through and therefore they might be able to provide a better support system. At the same time it reveals the angst and confusion that teenagers go through as they try to find a balance between the fairy-tales they were fed as children and the dangerous world that adults live in.

Your website talks a lot about inspiring and encouraging other people, and helping them to find their own personal value as a human being. Was there any one person - or even a group of people - who helped you to do the same?

There were so many… Books led me to more understanding of myself, what I went through, the phsycology of it all, and the healing process… I absorb books like nourishment. And I guess that is why I have such a passion for literacy. My mother inspired me with gardening knowledge and frugal living through reuse. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Henry Thoreau, Colman McCarthy, Albert Schweitzer, Jane Goodall, David Suzuki, Wangari Maathai…There really are so many. Today I find myself continually inspired by the guests I have on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. I have such amazing discussions with people from all over the planet – from Austria to Belgium and Africa to the US and Canada… these individuals work passionately to make the world a better place. Their work is inspiring because it feels like there is such a grand movement out there that is just not recognized by mainstream media. If it was recognized, I believe more people will become proactive and fill a need in their own neighborhood. In fact I have seen it happen. People listening to the Conscious Discussions show have started organizations, began volunteer activities, clean up projects and donations to literacy groups. Having our listeners share how much the shows inspire them has kept me going as well.

That is incredible! You are clearly doing good work and making a positive impact on the world! Thank you for your work and inspiring others to do the same!

If there was just one positive change in the world that you would like to see happen, what would it be and why?

Composting and recycling alone can reduce human waste and green house pollution issues (such as methane gas) by at least 60%. Just these simple acts alone can have a huge impact on this planet. I would love to see more people realize the benefits to their own budget, and get on board with this very easily attainable goal. The amount we put on the curb is reduced, the landfills last longer, organics and recyclables are turned into valuable materials that create jobs and stimulate the economy. Every coffee cup lid, every bottle, every tin can and every banana peel has value. I mean, did you know that recycling one tin can will actually save enough energy to power your television set for 3 hours? THAT is the impact we can have, just you and I – starting at our own desks, or at the kitchen sink. As my mother once said – “Start how you mean to continue” and “Start where you are”.

Truer words were never spoken. Those are all so attainable and as you pointed out, can have a tremendous impact on our planet.

Looking at yourself on the whole: all of your work and passions, since you don't really hone in on one genre or interest, do you have a favorite?

I get a lot of joy out of running the Conscious Discussions show. I feel like I’m helping the planet with the Brummets Conscious Blog simply by sharing knowledge and resources, and that fulfills a part of my heart as well. Gardening is my therapy, at the same time it allows me to contribute to the community through food bank donations and sharing harvests with friends, to offering seeds to others who are interested in gardening. Poetry is also my therapy - I learn to see the world differently, my evaluation of society or my place in society changes… The perception of my past also changes as I go back and re-read poetry I’ve written and I can embrace emotions and changes in life through poetry. So of all the things I do, these are my favorite.

That is phenomenal! Thank you so much! Please check out all of the Brummet's work and websites below!

Happy reading! :)


Conscious Discussions radio:

Authors Read radio:

Brummets Conscious Blog:

Author Spotlight: Charmaine Gordon

Good morning, world. Today, we have the un-stoppable Charmaine Gordon with us today. She's a fellow VHP author and absolutely one of the greatest people I have ever met! :)

First off, I always offer my guests virtual coffee, tea (even alcohol), etc. Anything in particular you'd like? :)

If we're mtg in pm-half glass of Chardonnay is fine. More and I'll be tapping dancing on the table. ''tis sad but true. Otherwise decaf tea-chamomile with one sweetener.

I don't need the alcohol to tap dance, but either way, I'll gladly tap dance with ya! ;)

Ok, there is SO much that I want to discuss with you. We'll start off with your theatrical career. My brother is an actor, and we both grew up in the theatre and on the stage. Did you ever have a moment where you decided it was something you wanted to try, or was it more like my up-bringing where it was just a part of life?

I danced out of Mother's womb singing Chicago, Chicago, a toddlin' town. My debut.

You've done shows, movies, commercials - you've written sketches. What part of the entertainment industry was your favorite?

All fun touched with a sense of adventure on the set.

You are such a pistol! You are so bright and you literally light up a room! I have only known you to be positive and up-beat. What is your perspective on life?

Do the dance of life and move on.

Ok, two more questions and then we get down to the writing! :)

First off, your website says you're a new bride. Would you care to ellaborate? :)

New bride is a misnomer. Slightly used is more accurate. He has a Harley and rides it alone. I prefer tricycles.

Also on your website, there is a FANTASTIC picture of you on a motorcycle and you call yourself an adventurer. Do you ride? If so, can I ride with ya some time? LOL. What was the greatest adventure you ever experienced?

Greatest adventure is when I had a near death experience in 1967 while giving birth to my last child-a daughter. The me on the operating table drifting away-profound silence and peaceful tunnel-moving toward a light-realization that I couldn't leave my husband with all those children to raise and the new baby. Waking from a coma 3 days later. Fearless.

Wow! That is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing that with us! You are an incredibly brave and strong woman!

Ok, writing time! :)

Your books are incredibly powerful to me because they send a very strong, resilient and positive image about women. Was that your main purpose in writing, or did that just kind of happen?

As a writer, I find personal experience touches the story. Can't help it.

In To Be Continued, Lizzie reads the note from her husband while she's on the floor. Though she did not intentionally get down there, it really is powerful imagery. Tell us about how & why that scene came about the way that it did.

Liz Malone, excited to find a note from husband Frank, reaches for reading glasses, drops them.Scrambling along the carpet, finds them, glasses perched in place, she reads the ugly truth. Like a discarded doll, she sits naked and broken, discarded for the moment.

Ok, let's get down to the nitty gritty of your books! ;)

Once Again, Now

Widowed after forty years of marriage, Kate Harris hasn't a clue as how she'll get through the rest of her life. At a recycling-single-men party, she meets Mac McCord,a widower with secrets. The attraction is instant. Kate teaches him to play tennis-her favorite sport; Mac teaches her to shoot a gun-his obsession with security. And Kate finds that love, the second time around, is not always perfect.

To Be Continued

Elizabeth Malone wakes up the morning after an amazing night of passion with her husband of forty years to find a note: "Dear Lizzie, it's not you, it's me."
Abandonded by her husband disappointed in daughter Susie's casual attitude - 'Dad's having a mid-life crisis', Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was.
When Frank Malone returns, he's in for a big surprise!

I asked of another writer who is a singer if he felt that his various artistic endeavors helped feed into or support/help his writing. What about you? Do you feel a connection between all of your various adventures? Do you find that your experience has helped you to write?

Embracing each medium with enthusiasm is the way I approached work as an actor.:whether contemplating my navel in the dressing room at One Life To Live waiting for the actual moment when I was called to walk through swinging doors and not let them continue to swing-no easy task or singing Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. All fun touched with a sense of adventure on the set.

Since your heroines are such strong characters, what do you think is important for women of any age to remember as they go through life?

Do the dance of life and move on. One step forward, slide two steps back. Two steps forward, slide one step back. Try three steps forward.Keep going til you get it right. I still don't know what I'll be when I grow up.

Let's end this on an interesting note. Tell us your favorite line from your favorite show/play/movie/commercial/skit. :)

Favorite moment in an Off-Broadway play,The Fourth Commandment-Grace (the mother-that's me)moves in with daughter and her husband and has a chat.
"I still have the same bed. There's a few good memories in that mattress. Your father was a frisky little bastard when he came home from one of those long sales trips."

I think we should have some chardonnay anyway, my dear! Cheers! :)

Happy reading!