Friday, April 8, 2016

A to Z Challenge - G is for Gumption

It's time for another A to Z Challenge! This year, I want to tell you about a story that is currently a WIP (work in progress). It's the story I'm writing in honor of my baby lovebird, Robert. It's a fantasy story, but it's really a story about emotional healing. So let's examine it by going through the alphabet!

G is for Gumption.

Just like in real life, in the story, Robert has a lot of gumption. He is brave and tenacious, determined and strong-willed.

Despite his brain damage, the real Robert fought valiantly to learn to climb and develop normally like his siblings. He was delayed, but he pushed himself, and never gave up.

I have taken that trait and carried it into the story. I think his gumption is notable and noble; it is a vital piece to this particular story. If he wasn't a brave character in the book, the emotional healing would never happen. Instead, he faces a fear that no one else does, and he's not a victor as much as he is a helper, and makes everyone the winner.

I think tenacity is a very admirable trait. I loved that about the real Robert, and I would not be doing him justice if I made the fictitious Robert any less determined.

It's amazing how much gumption one little bird had.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we explore the letter h!


Jess said...

Lovely post! Your story sounds very interesting!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Hello neighbor! I live in Delaware County. The word gumption is going to be stuck in my head for days. I love it!