Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Do I Write?

I think it is a safe assumption that we have all wondered why certain people choose certain career paths.

So, thus it is not uncommon that I have been asked, "Why do you write?"

Why do I write? Good question!

Well, I write because I just do. Ok, that was a crappy answer. But it is partially true. Just as every person has thing(s) that come naturally to them (and thus they are naturally inclined to do such activities), I'm inclined to write because it's just in my nature.

I also write because expressing myself through words in poetry, creating characters and stories has always been my outlet for self-expression. I can release my anger, let out my tears, scream in total silence and create my ultimate utopia or live in my darkest fears. It helps me to escape. It helps me to move forward when I experience a trauma or heart break. Writing brings me to my zen place.

As I said in yesterday's blog, my characters are all a reflection of me in someway (some in ways I didn't even describe yesterday). So, writing helps me to understand myself. It helps me to grow and improve as a person. It makes me a better me.

I try to write in as many genres/styles/formats as I can. I think it's important to continually push myself, pursue new things and see all the various ways that words can paint a picture. I am by no means a good poet, but I still write poetry. I have NOTHING on Emily Dickinson.
But that doesn't mean I shouldn't write poetry.

I'd love to think of my books as artistic creations that will stand the test of time like the Pyramids, but they're not.

The truth is, my novels are contemporary fiction. They are my creations. Do I view them as art? I view them as self-expression. Self-expression can be just that, or it can in fact be art. I'll let you decide that one. Regardless, my books are my statements to the world whether they are read by one person or a million. They reflect my experiences, my opinions. I highly doubt they'll change the world, but I am still letting my voice be heard in some way.

So, why do I continue to write poetry, novels, short stories, blogs, and more? Because I can. Because I am honored to hold the title of "scribe, story teller, writer."
(That's Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian God of Scribes) ;)

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