Tuesday, December 29, 2009


And a late good morning to all of you! :)

I knew what I wanted to write about this morning, but before we do so, I have admit that I am sitting here scratching my head! LOL. I just got an e-mail from my publisher, whom I adore. I have written 3 versions of Imperfect (my first full-length novel ever, and a story that is very close to my heart). I sent her the latest version maybe 2 months ago. It's ironic. I started writing that book Christmas of last year. With all the re-writes and changes in my life, it's basically taken me this long for it to be ready for publication. Now, version number three is VERY different from versions one and two. It's the same story, but told very differently. Anyhoo, she just told me we're going back to one of the original versions! LOL. I'm smiling. I'm surprised, but still happy to see it come to fruition! :)

Moving on. Today, we're discussing freedom. I know you're asking, "freedom of or from what?" Simple: REALITY.

The truth is, we live in a society that crushes our imaginations. We are not allowed to be creative or fun, otherwise we will be viewed as crazy. But, boxing us in like that only squashes our abilities and talents as writers.

Sci Fi/Fantasy writers have always had my respect. Why? Because they create new worlds and creatures. That takes some SERIOUS imaginative skill!

I don't have that. Not in the least. I have allowed my childhood imagination to die.

Now, that doesn't mean I can't write a good book. It just means that I flat out suck when it comes to writing about unicorns and dragons. Sorry!

As writers, we NEED to be imaginative. It is important for us to lose ourselves in the worlds and characters we create. We must let go of our inhibitions and just fly in these stories.

If we don't/can't, then our readers can't. Does that make sense? We are the story tellers here. If we can't truly feel or believe what we're writing, the reader will see right through it. NOT good.

So, let yourself go & be imaginative!

I'll be honest & admit that I see myself as a rather boring person since I can't write fantasy to save my hide. I live in the real world, and thus, so do my books. BUT, I still allow my mind to wander. I'll narrate my actions and thoughts in my mind as I was the dishes (and stare out at the church next door that I REALLY want to buy! Anyone wanna lend me $27,000? I'll pay ya back! LOL). Anyway, I allow my thoughts to just go wherever they please. As I come out of the shower, I may think about the towel and its texture and let my imagination run with that. There's a part in Donna's story in Loving Her where I describe a towel. Why? Because I let my mind go there.

I also (don't laugh here, folks) absolutely LOVE the captchas on Facebook. The ones on Myspace are just jumbled letters and numbers. The ones on Facebook are mostly real words, or even sur names! I freakin' love it! :) LOL. I just had one that said, "have daemons." Now, for those of you who don't know, daemons is the Olde English way of spelling demons. So, my mind just started toying with the idea of someone or something that had demons! How cool is that? You get inspiration from any little thing - as long as you give yourself the freedom to enjoy that inspiration.

My bottom line is this, folks: let your imagination run. Remember when we were kids and the sky wasn't the limit, it was actually just the beginning for our imaginations? That's what I want for you now as an adult. We can still fly and run and create. Just because we've aged (and may be jaded a bit from reality) does not mean that our imaginations are all shot to hell. If ever there was a time to let yourself be child-like again, it's when you're writing! That's the beauty and joy of writing! It gives you permission to dream and create.

Never written a fantasy story? GO FOR IT!!!! Just because you haven't done it doesn't mean it's not possible. Let yourself be free, creative and imaginative. Even if what you write isn't your best, you're still opening yourself up to all kinds of possibilities. Have fun! Be creative! Be imaginative. It is then that you will be truly free!

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ChainsawChick said...

I really enjoyed reading today's post! And, trust me, you are anything but boring!!.!.!! I think you should take your own advice and write that fantasy story...just make sure it's got a great heroine and you can't go wrong:)