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One of the most vital keys to any good story is/are the character(s). Who are they? What do they look like? What are their personalities? We all have characters in our lives: ourselves, our spouses/partners, children, relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. Just as these people can impact our lives, so can those characters impact your story.

So, where does one get inspiration for a character? Well, that varies by writer and story. For myself, I have used myself, my aspirations, people from my past and actors as my inspirations.

Let me break this down:

Loving Her

Linda: She is the woman I always wanted to be. A selfless, loving, attractive mechanic.

Katie: She is based off a girl I saw in a Pizza parlor in Philly one night. I actually have that girl to thank for inspiring me to write Loving Her. Anyway, I saw her and then I used my experience as an educator at U Penn for Katie.

Donna: She is strongly based off someone I used to work with, though her insecurities and attachments to people are very much like those of my own.

Liz: Liz is another woman I aspired to be. She's tall (I'm short), she's a professional dancer (I used to be a dancer, dance instructor & choreographer). She's very caring, but she has this great side that loves her big-ass pick up truck, as do I. I wanted to show that people can have real depth and even have what seem to be opposing tastes. I'm like that in real life, so why not her?

Jen: Jen is my shy side. Yep, believe it or not, this loud, out-spoken 'Rican has a quiet side. Jen is the perfect reflection of that part of me.

Maria: Maria is strongly based off of a friend & fellow Boricua (Puerto Rican female). She is fun, intelligent & not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. My inspiration is a great woman & friend and I tried to convey that in Maria as best I could.

Stephania: Stephania is a riot. I really had no concept of her personality until I started writing her into the story. She's out-spoken, caring, funny, creative, beautiful, and very unique. I really can't pinpoint any one person or thing to her, but she is someone you just have to love because of who she is and what she says!

Brynn: Brynn is an interesting one. She was not supposed to be a main character and then WOOPS! Oh well. I think we're all better off with Brynn in our lives. She's compassionate, level-headed, caring. She is "Jesse's Girl." The one we all wonder how we could get a woman like that. She really tied up the book beautifully, and I'm glad I gave her a voice.

Are the stories behind these ladies intriguing you? I sure hope so! For more info and to even purchase Loving Her for your holiday shopping, please go to Whispers of the Muse at

Ok, continuing on...

Unbreakable Hostage

Lareina: Lareina is my name in Spanish, and her surname is a family name. LOL. She is everything I am and then some. She's small and curvacious like me, but she's a real smart cookie. She has pure determination, sharp thinking, and a deep love for friends and family. I hope I would be like her should I ever find myself in that situation, but I'm not sure I am as quick witted as she.

Marc: Ahhh, Marc. I have to admit, he is based off a celebrity crush. Yes, I'll admit it. I have a thing for Jason Statham. I love the Transporter movies, what can I say? LOL. He is nothing more than a fantasy of having Jason Statham in the movie of Unbreakable Hostage! LOL.

Tony: Tony is based off someone in my past. Obviously, things have changed (to protect both the innocent and the guilty!) & have definitely been exaggerated, but this person was a good launching point for the creepy and controlling Tony.

Unbreakable Hostage is now up on! So, go there & cast your characters! You can cast Loving Her as well! Tell me who you would like to see play these characters - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Imperfect (This is NOT the cover, folks!)

Carol: Carol is me. No, I'm not a computer guru, but her personality (workaholic, self-blaming, insecure) is completely, 100% ME. I don't apologize for that, either. Her demons are my demons (well, not all of her demons are my demons), but writing out a story with the main character having such similar issues to me was actually quite good for my soul.

Alex: Alex is an interesting character. I can't really pinpoint one specific person or trait for her. I knew she was a beautiful African woman, but her personality just grew as did the story. I always like it when I'm surprised by my characters.

So besides Jason Statham, who would I have play my characters? Loving Her is up on There you can see who I would cast (though not 100% because their data base of actors grows daily), as well as who some of my readers might cast. My other books will follow as well. So, check it out & let me know who you would like to see play my characters in a movie! :) Go to!

I hope this gives you an idea as to who my characters are, but also for your own story(-ies), to help you create depth and intrigue by using the people and situations around you for inspiration for characters.

Happy reading! :)


ChainsawChick said...

Hey, great post! This one is very interesting and great to hear where your inspiration comes from.

Donaldson R. Boord said...

Awesome blog, Lauren. Hey, if you ever find youself needing inspiration for a character based on a monkey in a gorilla's suit - I'm your man!

L. E. Harvey said...

Hey D! LOL...I like your idea. Actually, I may use you when I get my butt in gear & write Donna's prequel to Loving Her. She's a cop. I'm using the little that I know from M's brothers, but having someone to interview is always good. ;) And I'll be sure to work YOU into one of my books! :)