Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remember the Titans and The Night Before Christmas

Ok, I know already that you are confused as hell about the title of this entry. Again, that x-ray vision is kicking in & I'm hearing A LOT of people saying, "Say what?!" Lemme 'splain, Lucy. :)

My partner and I just watched Remember the Titans.
What a great movie. I had always wanted to see it & we just happened to catch it on TV. They cut out a few things, but it's all good. Anyhoo, what a great story. That got me thinking. Someone had to do research or hear about this story somehow. Now, I am a HUGE football fan, but I know jack about high school & college football. I'm sorry. I grew up on the NFL and have only stayed there.

Anyway, since I knew someone had to have researched that story, it got me thinking about my recent blog about every story being told. That movie reiterated to me that there are so many stories out in the world yet to be told (Seven Pounds did the same thing. What a PHENOMENAL movie! A must for everyone. Sorry, no exceptions). So, fellow scribes, WRITE. If you can't think of anything, go research for an interesting story. There is a place for EVERY story to be told. Don't let inhibitions or fears hold you back. Tell that story. You never know, you could end up with the next Remember the Titans or Seven Pounds! :)

Now what is up with Night Before Christmas?

Well, I'll tell you. We have it for the little one. We've been reading it to her a lot. She LOVES it. You know what struck me? Not the familiarity of it. Not the pictures or impeccable rhymes. On the front there were these magic words that said "Written by Clement Clarke Moore." Excuse me?! Yeah. Someone actually wrote that! Some versions say that Henry Livingston wrote it. Nonetheless, a HUMAN BEING wrote that! And that wasn't just some kids' book - it's integrated into the fibre of the American culture. We ALL know the words to it. It's freakin' amazing! Don't we all, as authors, want to have that kind of impact on our society and culture? Sure! Now we all have to be realistic and realize that gaining that kind of popularity is nearly impossible, but there is no reason why your writings cannot influence your readers and then some. If nothing else, I am using this as a motive to continue writing and promoting my work. Maybe, just maybe, my books will have an impact on my readers. That would be really f*ing cool! :)

...And to all, good night! ;)

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