Friday, December 4, 2009

Tastes of my books

So, I'm back. I have so much catching up to do, and since I really don't feel like playing housewife today I figured it was best for me to get back on here and to tempt you with some excerpts of my books.

Loving Her is currently out, and is available in print, e-book, smashwords and kindle formats.

Unbreakable Hostage is due for e-book release in February.

Imperfect will be coming out later in 2010 (scary that we're already up to 2010, isn't it?).

Regardless, I really want to start getting the word out there. Not just for readers within the GLBT community, but readers across the board. In all honesty, I believe that no matter what your color, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise, my books will speak to you. My books aren't just for gays and lesbians. They are for everyone. They are there to entertain you. To make you think. To stir your heart and emotions. Everyone will have an unique take of my writing, and thus it's even more important to me that I get readers from all walks of life.

Ok, enough of me on my soapbox. Here are the sneak peeks at these 3 books:

Loving Her
Katie came home and found her parents standing over Linda.
“Oh my God…” Katie was floored. Linda was huddled on her knees on the floor. Katie didn’t see the beginnings of a black eye around Linda’s left, dark brown eye. She also didn’t know that Linda had cuts and bruises on her arms and legs underneath her clothing. No one knew how violent Katie’s parents could be. Linda knew now, though. Linda’s right leg had been kicked so hard in the knee, Linda couldn’t move. “What the hell have you done to her?!” Katie asked.
“WE have done nothing to her. The real question is, what has she done to you?!” Katie’s father barked.
Linda just sat there, not moving, crying hysterically.
“She didn’t do anything to me, dad!” Katie shouted back.
“That’s a lie!” Her mother screamed. “We know about your – about how she, she…perverted you!” Her mother broke down into hysterics. Through her sobs she said, “We know. We saw one of her letters. It came after you left. We saw the ‘romantic getaway’ cruise thing that witch sent you! You would never have done that before! She twisted you! She turned you to her perverted ways!”
“Perverted me?” Katie asked in a quieter tone.
“They-” Linda was trying so desperately to speak, but it was difficult. “They think I hurt you - I ruined you,” she sniffled.
“NO!” Katie shouted as she stepped towards her parents. “She didn’t ruin me. She makes me happy! She supports me! She takes care of me! She-”
“You see that?! She even has you brainwashed!” Katie’s father shouted with conviction.
“Dad, I’m not brainwashed.” Katie said in a calmer, more rational tone. “She – This – Linda isn’t my first girlfriend, dad. You only think I haven’t dated, because that’s what you wanted to believe. You remember my friend Samantha, from high school? She was my first girlfriend, dad. I’ve always been this way.”
“No, no you haven’t!” Her mother screamed with tears racing down her face.
“You are only saying that to cover up for this…pervert,” Mr. Wolfe shouted and pointed down towards Linda.
“Dad, stop it!” Katie shouted. “Stop saying that shit about her. It’s not true. I love her!”
“That’s it,” Katie’s mother said sternly. She walked over and grabbed Katie’s arm, and started dragging Katie out. Katie’s size was her downfall. As much as she fought, her small structure was not enough to combat her mother’s strength.
“NO!” Linda shouted. “Katie!! Please don’t…” she pleaded from the bottom of her heart. “I love you!” Linda shouted, she tried to get up, but the pain was too much. Mr. Wolfe stepped over Linda and helped his wife drag their only daughter out of the sinful house.

Unbreakable Hostage
With hardly any effort, Tony threw Lareina into the river face down. His fat hand pressed down upon her shoulders to keep her in place. Lareina felt him using a tremendous amount of strength to hold her down. Her arms and legs flailed around, but it was of no help. Her breath was escaping her quickly. She fought and twisted her head from side to side trying to suck in any air that she could, but all she took in was water.
Seeing her struggle, Tony pushed her down even harder. Lareina's arms continued to splash around. She desperately tried to hit Tony, but she was defenseless against him. With her air supply almost completely gone, Lareina's arms began to flap less and less. Slowly, her struggle decreased until she finally stopped moving all together.
Tony continued to hold her down for a few more seconds. It took some time before the reality of what he was doing set in. Seeing her motionless body frightened him. With as much thrust as he used to force her down, he pulled her back up and onto the bank of the river.
Tony pressed on Lareina's chest a few times. Finally, her eyes opened and she spat up a large amount of water and began coughing and gasping for air.
Tony looked down on Lareina, and she saw an odd, frightening tenderness in his eyes. “You're safe with me, sweetie. No one will ever hurt you, I promise,” he whispered.


Carol ran upstairs while the tears were still streaming down her face. She knew what waited for her downstairs. She needed to be away from that, at least for now. She tried to breathe deeply to calm herself down. She cautiously sat in front of her computer. She had to do this before she walked back downstairs again. She quickly began typing.
“To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Carol Mathers, and this is my story. This is my life – my very imperfect life. This is the reason you have found me.”

So, those are some tidbits of my three books. There is so much more to come. I really hope that these whetted your mouths with the desire to read more. I will post quotes occasionally, as well as re-starting my on-line book discussions. So stay tuned for more great reading! :)

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