Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lazy blog today

Hey guys! I'm gonna be lazy today. Why? Well, it's Sunday and I just feel like it! :) Plus, I don't have the time to promote my blog today the way I did yesterday. ;)

So, today is simply a listing of websites for both Loving Her and Unbreakable Hostage so you can all get your holiday orders in! :)

Loving Her <---My amazon astore <--- Omni Lit <--- All Romance <--- Smashwords

Unbreakable Hostage <--- Omni Lit <--- All Romance <--- Smashwords

Don't forget to cast the movie in your mind! BOTH books are on so you can cast the characters! Go check it out! It is so much fun! :)

Loving Her

Unbreakable Hostage

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