Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Has every story already been told?

Recently, I was e-mailing a fellow writer & he said that every story has already been told. Originally, I agreed with him. But then, I started thinking.

Has every story REALLY been told? Is there nothing left for us creative folks to make a story out of that is new and exciting? Is there any untouched territory left?

Though I respect this person, I have to disagree with him. I say, there is. There are TONS of stories left to be told. There is so much yet to be discovered in the wonderful world of story telling. Personally, I love the scribes of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Everything they wrote was completely new. They let their imaginations run wild. I think if we all did that, we'd all have some incredible books on our hands!

Seriously. Has every story been told? No. There are so many topics, so many experiences we can write about. Each new day brings us the opportunity to experience and write about something NEW.

I find that every day brings me new challenges, new emotions, and new subject matter. Though characters, settings, and events may change, my life is is explored in my various books.

What about you? What are you writing about? What aren't you writing about? Has YOUR story been told yet? So many people have such incredible stories that have yet to be told. So go put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and write it all out!

Yet, in great irony, the movie industry in particular does not search out these new stories and uncharted territories (I particularly focus on the television and movie industry because my brother's an actor and his talent far outweighs that of most Hollywood writers. I swear, I am NOT biased! LOL). Rather, they just tell and re-tell the same story. There is so much out there in this great world of ours that is just begging to be written!
(Hey, if the writers for the Simpsons can keep it up for twenty plus years, then you KNOW there is more to be written about rather than just recycling stories!)

So, it is with this mind set that I continue to write (that's how Frozen Solid went from an idea to a book in progress). I will write as many stories that come to me as possible. Now granted some stories may seem similar, or might even truly parallel a story we already know. But there are details, characters and locales that change the color and tone of each story.

Fellow readers and writers: keep it up! There is always something new to be found. Don't close the door yet. You never know what story may be behind it.


Donaldson R. Boord said...

You callin' me out?! I'll have to think on this one.

L. E. Harvey said...

LMAO. No, I'm not calling you out...Yet ;) Just remember, I may be small but I am a 'Rican from Queens! :) LOL. You just got my little brain thinking and after some introspection, I decided that there were always more stories to tell. Besides, I have yet to find any book that can compare to IB. ;)

Donaldson R. Boord said...

Thanks for the plug. I'll admit I regurgitated that generalization before I actually thought about it. I've heard it said that every story has been told and generally speaking, that may be so... but details are what make writing a unique experience. Just so's you know, I ain't afraid of no tiny little 'rican chic from queens... I've got long legs and know when to boogie!

L. E. Harvey said...

You are MORE than welcome for the plug! :) When the time comes, we can even do book events together if you want (gasp!).

We've all heard that before, but like you said, the deatils, characters, locations, etc. are always changing, so in actuality, there is so much left for us to write about! :)

Hey, you'd better be afraid of me. I am so NOT afraid of you tall folk. You saw that M was tall. And my ex before her was 6'9"! And he...Well, do I even really need to say? LOL. :) Sadly, as tough I talk, since I'm sick I really can't do jack. I think even my bad kitty could whip my butt! LOL :)