Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frozen Solid

Welcome to today's blog, readers. Today there's an unveiling of sorts. I'm giving you just the slightest taste of my new novel.

New as in, I just started writing it this week, so don't go running to amazon or any book stores for this one YET.

So, without further newest creation is currently titled, Frozen Solid. Please bear in mind that is a working title, and the title may change (possibly numerous times).

Ok, L., what is Frozen Solid about? Good question! Frozen Solid is about unrequited love and people who use others for their own personal gain. I think that regardless of color, religion, or orientation, every one has been in this situation at some point in their lives. I think this will be a topic we can ALL relate to.

So here's what I CAN tell you about Frozen Solid: 1) I just started writing it.

2) I have a great story in my mind, but no ending (which is very unusual for me). I'm honestly not sure where this story is going to take me. I'm dealing with a character & personality that I cannot predict, so she's going to basically lead the story and I'll just write it out. Just like I had to allow myself to get into some very dark, horrific ways of thinking for Unbreakable Hostage, so must I allow myself to think and be in the world of these self-serving people so that I can accurately tell this story. I have no idea how this will end, so it will surprise me as much as it surprises you! :)

3) I'm doing this to tease & tempt you (hey, at least I'm being honest here! LOL). I HAVE to write, or I will lose what little sanity I have left. But that doesn't really affect you. If I let you get just the tiniest glimpse of this, you're probably more apt to actually reading my blog, or getting copies of Unbreakable Hostage and Imperfect when they come out next year.

Fear not, dear readers! FS is not my only iron in the fire. I also have ALL the prequels to Loving Her that I'm ever so slowly working on. I'm REALLY tempted to pitch an idea to VHP to sell all the prequels & re-release Loving Her all in some kind of cool box-set thingy, but that is WAY down the road.

So, I'm doing what a writer does best: writing (and annoying the hell out of you in my spare time! LOL). Enjoy, talk amongst yourselves, speculate & I will continue to tease you with my various books.


ChainsawChick said...

I am very excited to hear you are writing a new book! I am wondering where you got the idea and how long you have been pondering it? Keep up the writing and don't let anything distract you...I'm sure you'll have a great book on your hands when your done. I also think the box set for Loving Her is a cool idea.l

L. E. Harvey said...

Glad you like the idea of the box set. No promises, though, as it's really VHP's ultimate decision. I'd like to do it, but we'll just have to see.

As for FS, the idea just kind of came to me. It's just one of those "life" things, I guess. Haven't been pondering it much at all. It's all new. I'll try not to get distracted, but with 4 cats, a dog, a three year old & a wife, that's not always easy ;)

Donaldson R. Boord said...

"Frozen", huh... any chance the title was inspred by your moving from Vegas to New York?

L. E. Harvey said...

LOL...The snow didn't help, but it's really about how someone's heart and emotions can be (and in some cases are) literally frozen solid and they are unable to truly feel because of the cold that is within them.