Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who or What Am I?

Ok, so I'm going to try something new here (God save the Queen!). My partner LOVES to read blogs, especially the ones where the bloggers are clever enough to add in pictures for comidic value, or to reiterate their point. I'm gonna see what I can do on that same level. :)

Today's topic is who/what am I?

Often, I have been confused for a man.

I've also been told that I'm rather elf-like in my looks. Really? I mean I am short and all, but come on! :)

Anyhoo, that begs the question, who or what am I?

Well, I am a Puerto Rican.

I am also several other nationalities, and thus am multi-lingual.

I am a writer.

I am a PROUD member of the GLBT community.

I am a woman, a step-mother, a partner, a business woman, a model, and MUCH more.

So, how do I define myself? Or do I?

Truth be told, I do & I don't. Yes, I put labels on myself such as: Puerto Rican, writer, partner, step-mother, etc. I don't think that's necessarily wrong. It's just how I describe myself to others.

On the flip side, I don't like to be boxed in. I don't like to fit into perfect little boxes. I may be small, but I don't like fitting into boxes defined by others.

What does that have to do with anything related to my writing? Well, you see, I like to write about what I know & what I have experienced in my life. I've gone through quite a bit. From medical trauamas to moving all across the country, I've seen and done more than most people my age. I have worked on cars like Linda in Loving Her. I taught at U Penn, that's why Katie (also from Loving Her) goes there for school. I was a dancer, though not the professional that Liz from Loving Her is. My best friend is an IT guru, just like Carol from Imperfect. Lareina from Unbreakable Hostage is an algebra nerd and a Puerto Rican, as am I. Get it now? I'm using my various interests and labels and applying them to my characters.

The reason I say I don't like to be boxed in is that I would hate to cut myself off from any great opportunities or experiences in life, or from things that I could use in my writing.

Who am I? I am all of my characters rolled up into one, and then some! Not bad for a chick who's only 5'1", eh?


ChainsawChick said...

What are you? You are all the things you mentioned and more. That's a great blog, and I LOVE the pictures:)

Sun Singer said...

Stealing a thought from Walt Whitman, writers contain worlds. With all the people in side your head, you're going to have to write a lot of books.