Saturday, December 12, 2009

Super duper uber exciting news I could NOT wait on!!!

Ok, ok. I'm sorry I'm stalking y'all via my blog, but this simply could NOT wait!

Unbreakable Hostage has been released earlier than anticipated!!!! Woo hoo!!!! :)

Can ya tell I'm excited? :)

Ok, so here's the deal: It is officially available on smashwords (it might even still be on the front page! How f'ing cool is that?!). It will also soon be available on omnilit and all romance e-books. I will keep you posted on those as well.

It will also be available on Kindle very soon (we have to wait and go on Amazon's time). Again, I will keep you posted.

PLEASE go get my book! This is my first suspense novel, and I put SO much effort into this book! I am so ridiculously excited! Hell, this is better than Christmas, Hanukkah AND my birthday all rolled into one! :)

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