Friday, April 25, 2014

A to Z '14 - Valiance

For this year's A to Z Challenge, I am honoring my grandfather who passed away on April 3, 2013.

V is for Valiance.

My grandfather was a very valiant man.

He served in WWII. He was an MP for a while, and eventually became a speech writer in the Army. He wrote for one of the generals. He was one of the first people to hear about D Day, and wrote a speech for the general that day.

He was valiant beyond his military service, though.

He was never afraid to take risks. Business risks, personal risks - he lived on the edge without being reckless.

Never once would he refuse to stand up for what he believed in. Defending what his right, he was brave and courageous when necessary.

He showed me that you could be brave without being pompous. He was quietly strong. Never one to start a fight, but always ready to do what was best.

Valiance, courage, bravery are all wonderful attributes to have. They cannot be used carelessly. But when used properly, they are the mark of a true hero.

V is for Valiance.


Stepheny Houghtllin said...

I think it takes courage to take on the commitment of participating in the #atozchallenge, knowing the time and energy it will take. This isn't courage like The Greatest Generation showed the world, but courage in little things surely can translate into bigger undertakings.

L. E. Harvey said...

Stepheny, that is so beautiful! Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight. Thank you for stopping by! :) Happy A to Z! :)