Saturday, April 12, 2014

A to Z '14 - Kindness

For this year's A to Z Challenge, I am honoring my grandfather who passed away on April 3, 2013.

K is for Kindness.

My grandfather was a very kind soul. He was strong, but very gentle. He was forgiving, understanding, supportive, and generous.

He would give you anything you needed, and then some.

He was a listening ear, a shoulder on which to cry.

He was not judgmental towards anyone.

He emanated kindness.

As far as kindness and compassion goes, he was the perfect role model.

I aspire to be like him. I may not ever be as great as he, but if we are all a little kinder, the world will be a much better place!

K is for Kindness.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Very sweet post, and what a touching theme for the Challenge! Following you from the A to Z list.

Machelle said...

I am reminded of my own grandfather who died in 2010 when I read your posts. He must have been a sweet man. The earth needs more like him.

L. E. Harvey said...

Thank you both! Machelle, perhaps they are enjoying each other's company up there! ;) And yes, the world definitely needs more people like them! :)