Thursday, April 25, 2013

V: Victory

What real victory is, in the context of the arts, is in the making of the creation. To be brave enough to create; to be courageous enough to put our work out for all the world to see. There is victory in creation. We have chosen to break down walls of insecurity, walls of doubt, walls of social response all in order to do and make something that we want.

Each creation, each stroke of the brush, each note played, each word typed is a victory in and of itself. To do, to make, to sing, to play, to dance...they are all victories.

That doesn't mean, however, that once we've created something we're done. No, not at all. Victory is not an end point. Victory is a moment of joy, of emotional satisfaction. Our lives (both creatively and overall) should take us from victory to victory. We should never stop after one victory because the next one could be much, much better!

Keep going! Keep creating! Keep celebrating your victories and become increasingly victorious day by day!

Victory is a tricky subject with creativity. Victory is us creating that piece we have always dreamed of. However, we cannot afford to sit on our laurels, either. Yes, we can be victorious in the creation of one piece. Yes, we can relish in that victory. However, we cannot sit on one victory alone. We need to use that victory to push ourselves forward, to challenge ourselves further.

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Cathrina Constantine said...

You're so right. Victory for writers is the starting point. Good post...