Friday, April 12, 2013

K: Kites

One of my favorite childhood memories was an art contest my father's company held when I was a kid. The contest gave us blank kites to draw and color on.

As I recall, I drew on a couple of them. I knew my skills would not win me the contest, but I didn't care. I just remember being so thrilled with the blank kites - the endless opportunities that awaited me on those diamond shaped objects.

I remember walking through my father's office once - it must have been on a weekend as no one was working, all the lights were off, but we were in the office with my father for whatever reason. As we walked around the dark office, I remember seeing all of the childrens' kites hanging on the walls. I knew mine weren't the best, but I remember being SO proud and excited seeing my drawings up there. Looking back on that memory, it really brings a smile to my face and even still makes my heart skip a beat.

Today, that is my wish for you. Yours does not have to be the absolute best in any art form. But go create. Create with excitement and reckless abandon! Look at the blank page, canvas, kit and see the infinite possibilities before you. Be proud of your work, even if you don't win the contest. Just enjoy the creative process. Enjoy the kites.

That is my wish for you today: kites. :)

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