Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C: Creativity

Creativity is another favorite subject of mine.

Creativity is limitless. One person's creativity may lie in music, yet another in advertising. Creativity is as unique as we are.

In my Artist's Way group, we have writers, photographers, painters, musicians, visual artists, name it. I love being surrounded by the diversity. I am...not the best drawer/painter/artist. I would LOVE to be, but my skills are rudamentary at best. However, being surrounded by people whose mediums are so diverse ignites something in me. I am more willing to take risks and try new things because of this group. Though I feel my artwork is juvenile, they somehow make me feel as though my art is in fact art and can be appreciated as such. They allow me to be creative in whatever way I choose.

I love that. I love just creating. Even if it's something a two year old can do, just to take part in the creative process heals me. It is cathartic, healing, joyous and freeing. Creation is more than just expression.

How creative are you? In what ways are you creative? When was the last time you allowed yourself to be creative?


Vicki Paulus said...

Creativity and books, 2 of my favorite subjects! Keep putting out the good word.

Margaret Almon said...

Greetings from Lansdale! Creativity is where I am most at home in myself. Being in my studio making mosaics is a way to connect with my creativity but it's also all around us.