Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B: Books


Now we're talking my cup of tea.

I love books.

I have many of them. I would like many more.

I get a high by smelling that new book smell in a book store (dear God, is there any scent better than that?! I think not!). I love big books, little books, blank books, coloring books, new books, old books, your books, my books. Call me a bibliophile, but I simply cannot get enough.

In terms of possessions, they say you can't take it with you. Books are different, though. Books give you memories. Books give you knowledge. Books give you wisdom. Books are the one possession you can (and do) take with you.

Books are simply wonderful.

To me, books are an incredible art form for their potential is limitless. A book may contain words, images, both or nothing at all. Books can be found in many languages, or just in one. Books have so much to offer within their pages. To give a person the gift of a book is to literally place the infinite universe in the palm of their hand.

Books are a blessing! ;)


Debra Mauldin said...

I love books too! Old or new, it doesn't matter. You picked a good one for B.

Lillian Csernica said...

Nice graphics! I agree totally about the smell of a bookstore. No Kindle can give me that!

Kyoti said...

Visiting from the A-Z challenge. I love all kinds of books too. You're right about that new book smell. Is ther anything more wonderful?