Monday, April 8, 2013

G: Gardening

It's ironic that I would write about gardening as I have whatever the antithesis of a green thumb would be. I LOVE flowers and plants and things, just somewhat inept in the care of such plants.

My lack of flora skills aside, gardening is actually a wonderful creative outlet. With gardening, you have the process of planting the seeds or bulbs and then nurturing the plant until it blooms fully.

Just as a writer types letters with tremendous focus and detail, just as they carefully edit their piece until it blooms, so does a gardener tend to their work.

In every creative process, there is some divine intervention in the process. Any painter will tell you that they just become a vessel for the colors and images to arrive on the canvas. As a writer I can tell you that the words and story just flow from my hands, they don't necessarily come from me. In gardening, the process comes in watching mother nature and helping (i.e., watering) when applicable.

You decide which plants go where, what colors you like, etc. Gardening is painting in real life.

It is beautiful, it releases stress and it is incredibly artistic/creative.

Take a look at these images and tell me I'm wrong. ;)

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