Monday, February 1, 2010

On-line Book Club Discussions

Good morning, cyber world! Make sure you drink lots of coffee today! It's February first! That means one thing: ON-LINE BOOK CLUB DISCUSSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I'm resuming the on-line book club after several months on hiatus, we're gonna start with Loving Her first and then get into Unbreakable Hostage.

So, without further ado...

Linda & Katie's story in Loving Her:

1) How did Linda and Katie meet?

2)What does Katie do for work, but what is her real aspiration in life?

3) Is their relationship rocky or solid? Why?

4) What roles do Katie's parents play in the story?

5) What ultimately separates them?

6) Does "Every Rose Has its Thorn" have any significance in their story? Why or why not?

7) Did you find the ending to be believable or not? Why?

8) Thoughts, feelings, questions? I wanna hear what's going on in your minds! :) Let it out!!! :)

Alrighty there, kids. I think that is a good start for today. Answer the questions here, on my facebook page or my myspace page. I'm looking forward to reading your answers! :)

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