Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Only 2 days left!

Good morning! Please pardon me this morning as the menagerie worked diligently to be sure I did not get solid sleep last night! LOL.

It is official. I finalized all the details for Friday's shindig. It was a lot of hard work (MUCH harder than I had originally anticipated). But I'm glad it's done. I'm really excited with everything that will be going on & I think we'll have a blast. The games are fun and simple (we're here to celebrate, not work!). Plus, my inner nerd LOVES the contest for the GRAND PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just great! :)

Since I'm tired and have a few busy days ahead of me, I'm just going to remind you all of Friday's event. I really want to see you all there! The great part is, since VHP is based in Washington & I have so many ties to Vegas & L.A., the party & contests will still be going after I go to bed! :) So please don't think you're gonna be late. Unless you log in on Sunday. Then you'll have missed everything! ;)

So anyhoo, here are all the details. Enjoy! See y'all on Friday! :)

Come chat with author L. E. Harvey. Play games & win great prizes! Come join us in great conversations as we discuss and celebrate the official print & e-book releases of Unbreakable Hostage! February 19 - ALL day! See you there! :)


Sun Singer said...

I hope you'll be serving plenty of dark red wine!

Have fun.


L. E. Harvey said...

Heya Malcom!

Don't you worry! I'll have plenty of reds, whites, Zinfindels and rieslings there! I sound like an alckie, I know. I just REALLY love wine! LOL. :)