Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Personal Rant

I think it's time I ruffled some feathers, y'all.

I have a bad case of writer's block this morning.

And unless you're some sick weirdo who wants to hear about the joys of bloody feet and antibiotics, my readership is dying.

And I know that none of you are the aforementioned sick weirdo types.

So...I'm going to be blatant and personal! (Insert scary music here)

As many of you know, I am an openly bi gal

and I am in a very happy lesbian relationship. Yayness! :) We are happy and committed (to each other, NOT in a mental institution, though we sometimes wonder).

Here's what really gets me:


Ok, let me 'splain.

The Mrs. told her boss not too long ago, that I'm bi. His first question to her (and mind you, I like this guy! He's a blast to hang out with!) was if it bothered her that I'm bi. 'Cause apparently my straight half can't be committed but my gay half can? What the...?

I've often been asked to either: (a) be the girlfriend on the side or (b) have a girlfriend on the side. WRONG!!!! Not gonna happen, folks.

But why?! You're bi and you like to make out with girls to get attention from guys and you have drunken sex with whomever crosses your path!

Ok reader people, hold on to your pants! Here it comes! Believe it or not, there are bis who actually just want what everyone else wants: LOVE.

That's right, I said it! LOVE. Ooohh, scary! LOL. Seriously folks, just because I happen to be attracted to people regardless of race, gender, etc. doesn't mean that I want to sleep with all of them! Sheesh!

I want to be in a loving, dedicated, happy relationship. I do not make out with chicks just to get the attention of men. Any of my male ex's can verify that! I do not have drunken sex with just anyone. If I'm having drunken sex, well it means I'm home, sans child, and the Mrs. and I are spending some quality time together! LOL. Serously, though. I am a human being. I'm not a sex machine or an attention whore (well, not that kind of attention anyway).

I know that most of you thought that bis like me were like unicorns: mythical creatures that only existed in your minds! Ha ha! Not true, little ones! We do exist. You just don't know it because we don't put ourselves out there on TV like the fake ones! ;)

To tie this in with writing (because my conscious is telling me that I need to), you'll find that though the majority of my work has homosexual or bisexual themes, I do write straight folk stuff too. I'm an equal opportunity writer! :)

So, yes. I am a writer. I am a Puerto Rican. I am a woman. I am a model. I am bisexual. And most importantly, I am a human just like you! :)

Ok, rant over. :)

Stay tuned for non-foot, non-gay-specific, book-oriented blogs coming soon! ;)

Happy reading!

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