Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Late

Good morning, world. Sorry it's been forever and a day since I've posted or done anything noticeable on this here world wide web. I've known that three year olds and home improvements are time consuming. This week, they were even moreso. For that, I apologize.

There are a million things I could blog about today, but I won't. I can't, actually. Most of it's personal, and this is mainly a writing/lit blog. Though what I could write about is interesting, funny, sad, comedic, and tragic, it's for my brain only. Don't dispair, readers. My brain is a pretty freaky place as it is, so it's best that it's kept under wraps! LOL. :)

Today, I'm going the simple route. I'm tired and slightly overwhelmed, so simplicity suits me best today.

First off, if you haven't already checked it, PLEASE check out Monday's interview with the one and only Chelle Cordero. I love her - she's an awesome friend and an incredible writer! I've learned much from her over the past few years. So please check it out & support my home girl! :)

Going along those lines, the incomparable Smoky Trudeau will be here MARCH 4th for an interview as well. Smoky is just plain incredible. She is multi-published. She has taught and lectured across the country. Plus, she's a sweetheart! :) So, we will have the honor of her presence here next week. PLEASE stop by for that one as well. I know you'll like it! :)

Third, since I've been so preoccupied, I decided today to extend the Grand Prize contest until NEXT FRIDAY. One week just doesn't seem to be enough, so I'm giving y'all some more time! ;)

For your own PERSONALLY autographed copy of Unbreakable Hostage, go check out he coloring page of the cover at the VHP Yahoo Group -

Go to the VHP Time Out Coloring Pages Folder, find the Unbreakable Hostage cover and have at it! :) Send in as many submissionas as you want! :) The only rule is that NO PHOTOSHOPPED IMAGES WILL BE ALLOWED! Scan or up-load your pictures and e-mail them to me at by Friday, March 5.


Lastly, I'm starting to book events for the fall season (book fest season for those of you who don't know). If you know of any good local events, please feel free to drop me a line! If Imperfect does come out in June, I'll have 3 books to sign and sell for YOU. I'd love to meet ya and hear your input! Don't be shy! :) Just comment here or you can ALWAYS e-mail me at I don't bite, I promise! :)

So, that's it for today. Simple blog from a simple gal! LOL. I do have some topics I want to tackle in the very near future, but with schedules constantly changing, it's hard to know when we'll be able to discuss them. I will soon, though. I promise. Until then, happy reading!! :)

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