Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Toe Tragedy, Continued

And a late good morning to all of you! :)

I'm actually taking the day off today. Minimal house work; writing only if I want to, etc. I'm being a lazy Rican today! :)

Not that this is of any real consequence to any of you, I'm going to up-date you on my foot surgery status nonetheless.

Did not have the surgery I expected to have yesterday, but they were hacked again for the umpteenth time. Seems to have helped thus far. I'm also now on antibiotics prior to any further surgical work. I still need the surgeries, but we're waiting till after I'm done with the abx (medical jargon for antibiotics). I re-check with the doc in 2 weeks and we go from there.

My feet will eventually become the horrible sideshow freaks that I continually envision, but I still have a little time left before that happens.

I also wrote that scene with Lareina and her scars. It's still very basic & lightly sketched out, but I think that scene will bring an interesting depth to this book.

So, that's the scoop, y'all (funny that a Philadelphian is saying y'all, isn't it? ;) ). Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. I'm off to continue on my spree of laziness! :)

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