Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting to Know You

Last night, the Mrs. and I had "Getting to Know You" from The King and I stuck in our heads! LOL. I had this idea anyway, but I thought the title was appropriate for today's blog.

This is going to be a brief who's who of my books! :) The celebrity pictures are who I have in mind to play these characters. Don't forget that you can cast my books as well at! That site is a blast! Go check it out! ;)

Loving Her

Linda - Linda is a mechanic who owns her own shop in University City District (UCD) in Philadelphia. She's tough, but very gentle and vulnerable. She is extremely dedicated and loyal.

Katie - Katie is a veterinary student at U Penn and works at a local pizza parlor for money. She's young and vibrant, fun and full of energy. She is mature and logical. She loves being in love and fully believes in happily ever after.

Donna - Donna is Philly cop. She is tough as nails and yet as gentle as a kitten. She is extremely insecure. With no family left, her friends are her family and she will go to any length to protect and take care of them.

Liz - Liz is a southern belle who is a ballerina and a motorhead all at the same time. Tall, elegant and regal, she's also very down to earth and loves a loud engine! She dances with the Pennsylvania Ballet and listens to Metallica on her own time. She has only been with one person: Jen - and she plans on spending her forever with her.

Jen - Jen has MS. She used to be the director of a cat shelter, but when she met Liz, she followed her all around the country. She is quiet and introverted, but don't get her gabbing about her woman because she won't stop! :)

Stephania - Stephania is an exotic, multi-racial beauty. A professional model, she is seen globally, but is still very grounded. She is a spitfire and doesn't back down from any fights!

Maria - Maria is slightly older than the rest of the crowd. She is a grounded, stable woman who works for an Hispanic newspaper in Philadelphia. She adores her family, but only from a distance. Though Stephania is a lot to handle, Maria keeps her sound and grounded.

Brynn - Brynn is a little brunette bombshell. A police officer in Doylestown, PA., she is friends with Donna's partner, John, and his wife. Brynn and Donna meet thanks to John and they begin their lives together as two young female officers in love.

Unbreakable Hostage

Lareina - Lareina is a Puerto Rican with exotic and enchanting looks. A Ph. D. student in algebra, she's smart and beautiful. She is very close with her family and holds her Catholic traditions very close to her heart. Strong, resilient, intelligent, and determined, she is one Latina who can never be kept down!

Tony - Tony is an overweight brut. He fell over the fine line between genius and crazy a long time ago. He is obsessed with Lareina and lives in his own dark, twisted world.

Marc - Marc is English, but he's been living in the States for some time now. He is lonely and leads a quiet life save for his work as a missing persons detective. He is captivated not only by Lareina's beauty but by her quick wits as well. He is a caring and gentle man who needs to be saved as much as he saves others.

Imperfect (not yet released)

Carol - Carol is an IT guru. She's intelligent and caring. She takes the world's burdens on as her own. She is loyal, compassionate and extremely insecure.

Alex - Alex is a woman with a troubled past. Though she is now back on solid ground, she can never full erase her history. She is a true romantic. She is funny and dedicated, but also very demanding at times.

Ok, there ya go! Hope you liked getting to know some of my characters. If you'd like to know more, go check out my books! :)

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It's always fun to see the stars an author would pick if s/he had a chance at it.