Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 A to Z Challenge: Pianissimo - Day 11 (K)

For the third consecutive year, I am participating in the A to Z blog challenge.

This year, we're going to go through my latest full-length novel, Pianissimo.

Eleven days means eleven numbers which means the letter K. K is for kindness.

Kindness was not something that Agnes and Margaret received regularly. Margaret's parents are kind to them, oblivious to the true nature of their relationship. Aside from the Begums, though, there is only one other person who shows the couple any kindness: Raymond Wilson.

In a time where homosexuality wasn't even heard of, let alone accepted, kindness was very scarce for Agnes and Margaret. Most people were perplexed by the nature of their relationship and how they lived their lives. The only person who truly followed "live and let live" was Raymond Wilson. He did not understand their way of life, but he respected the people that they were. He saw past the social stereotypes and misunderstanding. He focused on their personalities, humanity, and talents. He reminded everyone else that first and foremost, they were people.

Kindness may have been scant, but it wasn't completely depleted for Agnes and Margaret. Their story reminds us all to be kind to each other.

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