Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 A to Z Challenge: Pianissimo - Day 18 (R)

 For the third consecutive year, I am participating in the A to Z blog challenge.

This year, we're going to go through my latest full-length novel, Pianissimo.

This is the 18th day of the A to Z challenge. That can mean only one thing: R. R is for Romance.

Pianissimo is actually two love stories in one.

The first love story is between Corinne and Darryl. He's a military man. She is a faithful wife who moves with him time and again. Once they purchase the old farm house, she is certain she'll have all of her days spent with him.

In perfect, impeccable timing, he is sent off for one final tour. Alone and depressed, Corinne becomes withdrawn and reclusive. Their house is just some empty, foreign locale to her. Despite her loneliness, she continues to love and be faithful to him until he comes home.

The second love story is that of Agnes and Margaret. Theirs is a story of a secret love - a forbidden love. Their love and devotion to each other are unmatched. Through good times and bad, they stay by each other's side until the very end.

It's not unusual for romance novels to include some steamy scenes. Pianissimo, however, is devoid of them. Why? Because I really wanted to focus on the aspects of true love and devotion. I didn't want sex to detract from the humanity of Agnes and Margaret. Instead, this is a book that focuses on the people first and foremost.

So, if you're up for a good, clean love story, Pianissimo is the book for you!


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