Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 A to Z Challenge: Pianissimo - Day 7 (G)

For the third consecutive year, I am participating in the A to Z blog challenge.

This year, we're going to go through my latest full-length novel, Pianissimo.

This is the seventh day of our little adventure, so that means our letter will be G today. G stands for Girl Power.

That's a bit of a stretch, I know. Just hear me out.

The three main characters: Corinne, Agnes, and Margaret, are all very strong women.

Corinne is a military wife. She has had to move all across the country for her husband. She has moved, she has been alone for months on end. She has had her share of difficulties. Add to that her memories of her brothers telling her that power tools weren't for girls; she defies those memories and learns not only to use power tools, but how to restore a piano. That's some serious girl power if you ask me.

Then there's Agnes. She comes from a well-to-do family, but her parents die in a tragic accident, forcing her to run the farm all by herself. She maintains the home, the farm, the horses, and she's also a teacher! Agnes also does not back down from confrontation. She is one tough cookie!

Margaret may not seem like such a tough girl, but she is in her own right. She is tough in her ability to maintain the secret of the true nature of her relationship with Agnes, especially when being harassed by Clarence. She is quiet, but very strong. She supports Agnes through some incredibly difficult times without wavering. She, too, is incredibly strong.

Even though this may not seem like your typical "girl power" story, there are 3 incredibly strong women in this book. They all prove the true strength of women, each in her own way.

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Sarah Allan said...

Excellent use of the "G"! Your characters seem like some very strong women with interesting backgrounds. Kudos on the lovely cover as well! Happy A-Zing!