Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday News

Good morning, world!

Today is news day! We have lots of great stuff going on, so let's get right to it! :)

First off, I am thrilled and ridiculously excited to announce that Unbreakable Hostage is listed FIRST in TAN (Today's Author News) Magazine's summer reading list! Check out the blurb on pages 4-5 at

Next, don't forget that tomorrow is April 6th. What does that mean? It means that my interview with All Romance e-books will be out in their newsletter! :) I think you'll like the interview, so don't miss it! :)

As always, we will have a character interview on Friday. I'm not telling you who it is - I wanna keep that a surprise for ya! ;)

Last, and certainly NOT least of all, this Saturday is REALLY exciting! Author and all around great guy, Llyod Kaneko will be in my Author Spotlight! It's a part of the Authors Promoting Authors program. Llyod is intelligent, funny and simply fascinating to talk to! I am so honored to have him here. It's the day before his birthday, so come on over & show him some love! :)

Alrighty, everyone! I am off to go start a great day and an even better week!

Happy reading! :)

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Sun Singer said...

News day is fun when there's exciting news.

Keep it coming.