Sunday, April 25, 2010

APA: Ya Ya

Good morning, everyone! Today is a special day. I'm featuring young author, Ya Ya on today's blog as a part of the APA tour. She's young, but quite talented! I really think you'll enjoy her work. I know I did! :)

As well, at the end of the blog is a link as I am a guest blogger today! LOL. Busy, busy, busy! So please check out Ya Ya's work and my guest blog! :) Thanks! :)

A quick bio from Ya Ya: I am a new author. I write poetry, and my book is, "Reflections: Thoughts, Passions, and Truths". My poems are about a little bit of everything. I talk about sex, love, society, and education. I am a full time student and writing is something that I've always done. I recently got published, and my book was released March 24, 2010. It's available at

Reflections: Thoughts, Passions, and Truths is a collection of poems with eclectic themes. These poems are a mirror image of the author's most personal thoughts and most intimate moments in her life. This book gives the reader a front row look into the life of Ya Ya Z. Badasu. These poems are truly a reflection—a mirror image of her life, and they will allow you to see what she sees.

'Thoughts' gives the reader the ability to read right into Ya Ya's mind. No secrets are hidden and all of her desires will be known to the reader. ‘Passions; is full of sex, lust, and love. Her 'R' and ‘X’ rated poems are not for the readers who are bashful or ashamed of sex. These poems are purely sensual, and the language what goes along with them is dirty and hot. Finally, the 'Truth' is a collection of poems that tell the reader the plain truth about her life, her society, and her family.

Regardless of the style, Ya Ya shares her inner, most personal thoughts with her readers. These poems are Ya Ya's thoughts, passions, and truths and they are all reflections of her. Every thought, every idea, and every emotion that comes into her head goes onto the paper; thus, her book of poetry.


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