Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Character Interview: Marc

Good Friday morning! It's Friday, so it's time for yet another CHARACTER INTERVIEW!!!!

Today, we're talking to Marc from Unbreakable Hostage.

Good morning, Marc.

Good morning.

Marc, you are obviously instrumental in this story. How do you feel about being such an integral part of such a dramatic story?

Well, it's a bit odd as I'm not used to celebrity. It is my job, however, and I understand that this comes with the territory.

Marc, so many people had given up on Lareina throughout the entire time. What made you keep going? How did you keep your drive?

Her parents were very determined people. They found that "x." They knew she was a fighter. Dr. Bauer knew that Lareina was far too smart to succumb to anything. I also imagined what it would be like to be in her position. I wouldn't want people giving up on me and presuming me dead when I was still fighting for my life.

Marc, you're originally from England and you moved not just to the States, but to California which is like an entirely different planet! How difficult was it for you to change to such a different lifestyle?

I left England for personal reasons. It was time for me to leave there. California offered me a new life, lots of sun and the ability to forget the pain of my past. It wasn't a difficult transition, really. It was exactly what I needed.

What, if anything, did you gain from this experience?

I learned that people can be far more resourceful than you think. Never underestimate anyone. You'd be surprised. I also learned that sometimes the hero even needs a hero. I also learned that family can be a wonderful thing, as in the case with Lareina. Or, it can be a terrible thing as in the case with Tony and Dominick.

As a final question, I always ask if there is something that you would like people to know about you?

Not necessarily something about myself. I'm a rather private person. But, persistence is key in life. We all need to have persistence. Had I not been persistent, things would not have turned out the way they did. Had Lareina not been persistent, we never would have gotten her clues. If you really want to survive or get through something, you must remain determined.

Thanks, Marc!

Happy weekend reading! :)

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