Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ode to Jason Statham

Ok, so this blog refers back to the blog earlier this week about literary blasphemy.

In the same trip that we saw "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" (dear God, will I ever stop shuttering from that?), my baby got me The Transporter and Transporter 2. Why? Because she's the bestest in the whole wide world! :)

If you don't know this about me yet, I am only "half gay," otherwise known as "bi." And I have had a thing for Jason Statham for a while now. My gay side LOVES guy movies, so it's actually NOT my crush that has me watching the Transporter series or either of the Crank movies. I like action, fast cars, and all that good stuff! :)

Seeing Jason doesn't hurt, though. ;)

He was the inspiration for Marc in Unbreakable Hostage. Hell, he IS Marc from Unbreakable Hostage! I purposefully made Marc British so that Jason Statham could play him when the movie comes out. I'll let ya know when that happens! LOL.

God only knows why my partner puts up with my and my dumbass crush, but she does. :) I think it's mainly because she knows that there is no chance in hell of me ever meeting him! LOL.

I know you're sitting there wondering what the hell the point is to this blog.

There actually wasn't one. BUT, I will plagiarise from myself and say that using celebrities as inspirations for your characters is not a bad idea.

Use them and their voice to create a realistic dialogue. Use their features to help describe how your characters look. Now, you may see someone different in your mind when you read Unbreakable Hostage, and that's fine! I think that's one of the many joys of writing. Your characters don't always look the same to the same people. I love that subjectivity! :)

Remember (and no, I am NOT getting paid to say this. I say it because I just happen to know that these folks ROCK), there is always where you can actually cast the characters for Unbreakable Hostage! How cool is that? Oh yeah, and it's free! Does it get any better than that? I think not!

So, while I'm cleaning up my drool from looking at Jason, go hit up and have some fun! I'll be checking to see who you cast! ;)


Chelle Cordero said...

I almost always "cast" celebrities as I write - wow, some of those fantasies really get creative, lol.

L. E. Harvey said...

Oh I know! You were the original story caster before there was! :) I openly admit that you were my inspiration for casting my books! :)

Those fantasies do get creative! :) It's always nice to dream, isn't it? ;)