Thursday, January 7, 2010

Music and Writing

Ok, this was so not what I was going to discuss today. Alas, I find myself hopelessly drowning in music, so it must be done! LOL.

For Christmas, my brother gave me an itunes gift card. The irony in this is that I don't even own a CD player any more, let alone an ipod!

My computer is my music box, and I don't mind since I pretty much live in front of it any way. However, my better (and smarter) half knew that I could use itunes on my large music box. So, I have just downloaded my first grouping of songs. Holy crap! My brother has SO created a monster! LOL.

As I type these letters, I have goosebumps. The song that is currently playing is one that I listened to endlessly as I wrote Unbreakable Hostage. It's bringing back a myriad of memories and emotions that far surpass any language. It's even better now that Unbreakable Hostage is a reality. I can't even begin to describe my emotional state. It's unusual, but fantastic! :)

Many of you know that my music collection ranges from opera (I studied Belle Canto technique for 3 years. Anyone hear that? Yep it's the fat lady (me) singing! LOL) to world music to new age to heavy metal. Yeah, I'm all over the place. I'll admit, though, I label myself as a "metal head." I'm not ashamed that Metallica's music pumps through my veins or that my adopted middle name is "Rammstein." In fact, Rammstein is so much a part of my identity, it's a huge part of my books! LOL.

Rammstein is this incredible heavy metal/techno group from Germany. They are scray, dark and deep. The lyrics are haunting and true. From a standpoint of musicianship, these guys have it all. Incredible and diverse melodies, lyrics that aren't fluff, elements that are fluid. Even if you didn't like metal, you'd have to give them "mad props" for originality and for using their music to actually say something.

Liz in Loving Her is my "metal head" ego. She is a ballerina who drives a big block Chevy and adores metal as much as I do. She dances to a Rammstein song as a part of her audition to the PA Ballet.

In Unbreakable Hostage, though I never refer to the band name, Rammstein is the music that Tony listens to and that haunts Lareina day and night.

I had to allow myself to get into some very dark places mentally and emotionally when I wrote Unbreakable Hostage. I had to start to think like someone like Tony. If you know me, you know just how oppositional that is to how I think and behave. It was scary at times, honestly. I had to be able to bring myself back to reality when I was done writing, just to remember who I was & that Tony was nothing more than a creation. I'll tell you, though, I don't know if he'd be the person he is if not for Rammstein, and especially this particular song. Should I ever be fortunate enough to see Unbreakable Hostage become a movie, you can BET that this song will be integrated into it! I won't have it any other way. This song helped me to create this story. It is as much a part of Unbreakable Hostage as I am.

Any music can be good or bad. I tried to make that point with Rammstein in both books. I do love them, and I don't want to paint this band out to be evil, but there are some really bad people out there who listen to anything & everything! I even refer to Sting's song "Every Move You Make," which is about stalking (yes, it's about stalking. Look it up. It was never meant as a love song) in Unbreakable Hostage to prove that even though bands like Rammstein sound scary, they may actually not be evil people. And vice versa as well. Let's face it, Sting's voice is beautiful & if you don't fully listen to the lyrics, his song sounds harmless even though it's not. Catch my drift?

Music is integral to our lives, our thought patterns, and especially to the film industry. Music envelopes our entire existances. At least it does mine. I could not imagine a world without music. That is why I have music on as much as I can, especially when I'm writing. Without it, I am not inspired.

I know this blog is a bit off-center. Perhaps it is the music playing that has my brain jumping around as much as it is. I apologize for that.

Think for a minute about how much music plays a role in your life. Think of it in your favorite movies. Think about what songs or styles of music your favorite authors write about. Music is more than important to us. It is IN us: in our lives, in our stories, in our thoughts, in our emotions. Music is ingrained in our DNA. Go listen to some good music & see how your day plays out ;)

As for me, I'm going to listen to all my new downloads and write like a little fiend! ;)

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