Monday, January 18, 2010

Laundry is NOT a spectator sport!

Good morning, world! We will not be discussing writing, my books or anything literary today. We will return to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Today will be a recap of yesterday's adventure.

Yesterday started out WONDERFULLY. The Mrs. made an incredible Sunday breakfast for me. We dorked around on Farmville (also on Petville for me). We had a nice, relaxing morning. It was great.

Then it was time for us to do laundry.

The morning had been speeding by and we could no longer avoid our responsibilities. So, we loaded up the truck and went over to the laundromat. Mind you, we've been there umpteen million times. We've read there, we've talked there, hell we even wrestled there one time (we were alone & clearly very bored! LOL). The place was actually fairly busy. There were people there for a change! Ok, I thought to myself. No biggie. Just do our thing & make sure that we're not in anyone's way & vice versa. WRONG!!!! We did our thing & we kept to ourselves (we watched Frida on a portable DVD player). However, despite the fact that there was absolutely NO nudity, no indecent behavior or anything of that nature, we were the spectacle there.

There was a woman who came in solely to wash her clothes. She gawked at us.

There was a woman who came in solely to dry her clothes. She, too, gawked at us.

There was an elderly couple who did nothing but watch us intently.

There was one woman who came across rather "conservative," shall we say. I swear, that woman was trying to throw razor blades out of her eyes in order to kill us! Sheesh! She didn't blink & there was an incredible expression of discontent on her face. She was not only annoying, but she was scary!

Holy crap, Batman! Seriously? Seriously seriously? We're doing our laundry. The Man Show had more offensive scenes that two women doing laundry & watching a movie in the interim! Mind you, we didn't call each other, "sweetie," "honey," babe," "schmoopie" or anything else. Our conversations were extremely light and again little to no PDA. Sorry, we're just not exhibitionists. Go elsewhere for that, please.

It bothered me. It really did. I'm a city girl through and through. I'm used to people minding their own business. I'm used to people with so much metal in their faces you can't even see their eyes being the nicest folks you'll ever meet! I'm not a starer. Even when driving, I do not gawk at cars that have been pulled over or accidents. I don't have time for that. So not my personality. I just want to live my life and my chores in peace. Is that too much to ask? Apparently that is for the folks around here.

Anyhoo, despite my aggravation, we went home & quickly changed to go see a good friend's husband play at a local eatery. That was actually fun.

I was more than awkward at first since it was mainly geriatric folks & it was ALL country! LOL. Yeah, Hispanic city girl stood out like a sore thumb! ;)

The uncomfortable feeling dissipated rather quickly & soon I was having a blast watching these old folks dance their little hearts away! :) LOL. There was one couple in particular that were just GREAT to watch. The woman was short and cute. She bounced with every step and was a combination of Irish Step dancer and Square dancer. She had so much energy and pep! It was great! Her partner (who I'm going to assume was her husband) was pretty good, but when he got his gal in his arms he twirled her around like an old man on speed! It was great! They were cute, they were fun. They were clearly having a great time. Just watching them made my afternoon! LOL.

It was a bit of a rough night with the little miss last night. She didn't want to sleep. Just when we thought she was asleep we'd look up & there she was either watching us or walking around or what have you. Finally, we just had her come and stay with us. Neither one of us could take the interruptions any more. However, the little one ended up in between us.

Normally I wouldn't mind. However, this three year old can box better than Mohammed Ali, and she's asleep!

I was punched and kicked countless times! LOL. I kept asking her to move closer to her mother because not only was I her punching bag, but I was also losing room on the bed! LOL. This is a Cal King sized bed, folks. It's HUGE. And who takes up 2/3 of it? The three year old! LOL.

I'm quite tired today, as is the little miss. I'm gonna keep it as a quiet & relaxed day. We have one errand we have to do today, but other than that I think we both need to recover! LOL.

Tomorrow I shall return to my using rants about all things literary. Sometimes it's just good to take a break (from that). ;)

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ChainsawChick said...

This was a great post. I love just hearing your thoughts about life and the world (or small town as it may be) around you. Most of the people in small towns have so little knowledge or expieriance with anyone other than people just like themselves. When they see something different, it really throws them off kilter. There are a few ways you can go when faced with a gawking crowd. Ignore them, stare back, or if you really want to mess with them, go ahead and be that exibitionist untill they get so embareced that their faces turn bright red and they learn not to stare. I havn't tried the last one yet, but may do so in the near future:)