Tuesday, January 5, 2010

But what do YOU think?

"But what do you think?" That's a question we've all heard a million times over. Whether it was a child seeking our approval, or our better half asking how they look in their latest wardrobe purchase, we know that question well. What is our opinion?

Today, we're going to discuss opinions, or subjectivity.

In the medical world, we use something called "SOAP" for our patients. SOAP stands for:
S = Subjective (What you see, what your opinion is)
O = Objective (fact, undebatable. Like a temperature or weight)
A = Assesment (how the patient presents. What conditions do you asses?)
P = Plan (treatment plan: medications, therapies, surguries, etc.)

So, we're on S. Subjective. What does that mean?

Subjective means "what's your take?" Or, "what's your opinion?"

Subjectivity is GREAT in the arts, especially in writing.

Subjectivity means we all get something different out of the same book. I'm gonna use my books as examples (There's a shocker!)

Loving Her

Loving Her is a collection of intertwined short stories. It's about a group of friends and lovers who tackle everything from the mundane to the unthinkable.

In Loving Her, you can walk away thinking about prejudice, love, police work, mechanics, friendship, illness, success, Philadelphia, devotion, a particular character, and more! Loving Her is a GREAT book for subjectivity because there are so many characters, events, and issues that you have a myriad of things that may affect you as the reader,

Unbreakable Hostage

Ahhh, my first suspense novel. Unbreakable Hostage is another good one for subjectivity. When you close this book, you can think about love, friendship, family, control (and controlling people), abuse, torture, love, strength, ingenuity, math and more! This book really keeps ya thinking! Each person who reads Unbreakable Hostage will have a different take on it, you will all be affected differently!

The fact that readers can be affected in various ways makes me giddy like a school girl! :) I LOVE the fact that what I write will touch people in different ways. I cannot tell you how it fascinates me to know that there are people all over thinking different things about MY work! It's GREAT!

Our minds all work so differently. We've all experienced different things, so our perceptions are different. Thus, our subjectivities are different. Make sense?

That's one thing that I LOVE about book clubs & doing my on-line book club discussions. Readers have brought things to my attention that I have never thought about before! That is one of the greatest feelings as writer! Well, at least I think so!

I love the fact that the arts make us think. We could all look at the Mona Lisa and walk away with a different feeling or experience. How great is that?! Now, my books are not comparable to the Mona Lisa, but they can still have that same impact & that just plain rocks! :)

So, readaholics, READ!!!! That's right: read! Read, read, read and read some more! See what you gain from the various books and publications you read & discuss it with other readers & writers. You might just be surprised! ;)

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