Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A to Z II - Z is for Zoism

Holy cannoli, kids!

It's the 31st! It's the last day in May. The last day, which means it's the last letter in my own personal A to Z challenge. The letter z. Z stands for zoism.

I know you're probably wondering what the heck zoism is.

Zoism is a reverence for animal life, or even a belief in magical animal powers. It's also a doctrine that life is due to a certain vital force, but I want to focus on the reverence for animal life.

How does a reverence for animal life correlate with Trajectory?

Simple: Gertrude.

Despite what Joe does, he actually respects all life. Animals, though, especially Gertrude, he reveres

Gertrude is Joe's companion. He loves her. She doesn't judge him, she doesn't nag him. She is quiet, always happy. There is something calm, gentle, and serene about her. She is sacred. Joe knows that, and respects it greatly.

Joe admires Gertrude for her simplistic and peaceful approach to life. He finds her wisdom inspiring. He has a tremendous reverence for animals and animal life.

So yes, zoism and Trajectory do go hand-in-hand.

There you have it. That's it. Both of our A to Z challenges are over! Thank you so much for coming along these adventures with me.

I hope you enjoyed learning about both of these books, and that you're excited about them. I'm very excited about both of them as I continue to work on them. I will certainly keep you posted on their progress.

Once again, thanks for joining me. I hope you had fun. As always, happy reading!

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