Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A to Z II - B is for Bi

Today, we are focusing on the letter b and the story Trajectory. B is for bi.

Though not discussed in the original short story, Joe is bisexual. By working this into a full-length novel, I am able to address his sexuality, his fears; I also address the complexity of his relationship with Claudette, and how that affects his relationship with a man named Michael.

Joe, just like any other person, is very complex. His sexuality is only one facet of his identity, but it's a facet that he focuses on. I don't want to give anything away, but it is a central topic in this new version. I've always known him to be bi, I just haven't addressed it until now. Becoming a full-length novel, I have the opportunity for him to discuss and explore his identity in a way I couldn't previously do.

You know I have to write LGBT fiction. It's what I do. Joe is my first male lead character, and also my first bi lead character. I think it's really important to discuss bisexual topics, and to address concerns that affect the bi community.

This is Joe's coming out moment. Yes, he's bi. Yes, it is central to his story. Yes, I address it as best I can. The new Trajectory will be another work of mine to help support the LGBT community, and to raise awareness for LGBT issues.

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