Thursday, May 12, 2016

A to Z II - J is for Joe

Another day, another letter! Today's letter is the letter j. J is for Joe.

What to say about Joe?

There is so much.

Without Joe, there is no Trajectory.

Joe Davis is a regular guy, and yet, he is anything but ordinary.

I love him. Now granted, I do love all of my characters. There is something special about Joe, though. For someone as tough as he is, his vulnerability is so endearing to me. He is so human, and I love that. He has depth, he has emotion. He's just awesome. I'm not just saying that because he's mine. If Trajectory was another person's book, I would still be madly in love with him. He's just a wonderful character. He's a great person, plain and simple.

I love his complexities, and his simplicity.

I love him and Claudette. I love them together; I love his love for her. I love the nature of their relationship. I love them.

Trajectory is my first story with a male lead, and also my first bisexual lead. I think Joe handles that beautifully. He is an excellent lead, regardless of gender. I think his bisexuality is a topic that is well discussed throughout the story - and in the end, he gets the result he could only have dreamed of.

So today is for j, today is for Joe. Joe is truly a wonderful man. I am honored to tell his story.

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