Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A to Z II - I is for Identity

We are moving right along! We are already up to the 9th letter in my personal A to Z challenge! In this challenge, I am focusing on my new and expanded version of Trajectory. So today, we're up to the letter i. I stands for identity.

Identity is a major theme in Trajectory. Joe's identity is everything to him. His identity as an army brat, his identity as a Marine, his identity as a SWAT sniper and a cop, his identity as a bisexual male...he is very much consumed by how he identifies himself.

Joe is very much stuck in his own head, so his perception of self is really all he has to go on. His identity, his description of himself is the only thing he knows about himself.

He knows he's the son of a good military man who went on one final tour, and never came home.

He knows he pushed himself very hard during his time in the Marine Corps, and it paid off.

He knows he's a good, honest cop, and that he does his job well as a sniper/observer. He's in high demand for good reason. He identifies himself based on the quality of his work.

He is incredibly focused on his identity as a bisexual male. It's something he's known about himself for years, but he has always tremendous trepidation about coming out. He worries about being judged for it. He holds on tightly to that part of his identity, always afraid to let it go.

Identity is a very strong theme in Trajectory. It is key in how Joe lives his life. How about you?

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