Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A to Z II - N is for Niche

Yet another day is upon us, my friends! Which means that we are another day deeper into my personal A to Z challenge. Today's letter is n, which is for niche.

In this case, we are talking about a niche - a special talent for something. Joe's niche for being a sniper.

Joe was destined for his job. His father was a sniper. He was in the Army. Joe inherited his father's patience and keen eye.

In the Marines, Joe proved his skills as a marksman.

In the Detroit PD, he honed and perfected those skills.

It may seem odd or even horrible to call sniping a niche, but it is. It's Joe's  niche. It's his talent. He has patience that very few people have. How many people do you know can lay motionless for days on end, watching people, and not sleep? It's a skill. How many people can shoot with pin-point accuracy? Indeed, sniping is Joe's niche.

Everyone has a niche in this world. Joe's is being a sniper. Claudette's is painting. Mine is writing. What's yours?

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