Friday, May 13, 2016

A to Z II - K is for Karma

It's another day, which means it's time for another letter in my personal A to Z challenge. Today, we shall explore the letter k, which I will attribute to the word karma.

Karma is an interesting choice of words considering what Joe does for a job. It makes you wonder what kind of karma he has or deserves.

Does he deserves what he gets from Michael? Is that his karma, his payback from having shot and killed people in the past? Or is it completely unrelated/irrelevant?

What about Michael? Does he get his karma?

Even moreso, what about Pete? Does he really deserve what comes to him? Is that his karma from something? Is it justified?

Karma is something that we talk about quite a bit in our society today. We talk about people getting what they deserve. People getting what's coming to them. In a story like Trajectory, we see people who have a lot of karma coming to them. As we read the story and see what happens, we have to wonder, is this what they deserve? Is this truly their karma?

Tell me after you read it if you think it is

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