Saturday, May 21, 2016

A to Z II - R is for Reason/Rationality

Good Saturday morning! It is time for another letter in my personal A to Z challenge. Today being the eighteenth day of the challenge, the letter for the day is the letter r. R stands for reason or rationality.

I could have gone with romance, sure. Since there is the complex romance between Joe and Claudette. There is even the unhealthy and unrequited romance between Michael and Joe.

Reason and rationality are much more applicable, though.

Joe is not an emotional guy. Okay, that's not true. He is. He's very sentimental. If he wasn't emotional, he wouldn't be so connected to Claudette still. However, he is still such a methodical, calculating, rational guy.

Look at his job. He has to be objective 100% of the time. Reason and being rational must dictate every single thing he does behind the scope. He can't let an feeling or a thought or even a hunch affect what he sees, says or does. One assumption, one irrational thought could endanger the lives of many people. Reason must win.

Even in his relationships with Claudette and Pete, Joe is still very rational. The only time he lets his guard down is when he pities Michael, and that sympathy comes back and bites him big time. It is only when he is calm, reasonable and rational that things go well for Joe.

So yes, r is for reason and rationality.

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