Thursday, May 19, 2016

A to Z II - P is for Pete

Welcome to another installment of my personal A to Z challenge. Today's letter is the letter p. The letter p is for Pete, of course.

Peter is a vital character to the story of Trajectory.

Without Pete, Joe would be an absolute wreck. Pete is Joe's rock. He is his confidant, his touchstone, his sanity. Pete gives Joe clarity, serenity, logic, insight...he's everything Joe needs to help him gain perspective. He doesn't judge Joe. When Joe feels completely alone in this world, he always knows he can count on Pete.

The two met in the Marines, and they quickly forged a good friendship.

After the Marines, they returned home to Detroit. They joined the Detroit Police Department together, and they both made the SWAT team. Through it all, their friendship remained strong as ever.

In the end, one fateful call changes everything between Joe and Pete. Nothing could ever take away that friendship, nor the importance of it to Joe.

Pete is a wonderful guy. Without him, Joe would never be - and could never be - the man that he is.

Pete is truly Joe's rock.

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