Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Repititious Redundancy

Good Wednesday morning, world. I am slightly less perky than I was Monday morning. Doing final edits on a tragedy will do that to ya. ;)

Today, there is no news or links. Scratch that. We do have Ask the Author coming up on Monday (my bad!), so please send in those questions! Put them in a comment here, contact me on any of my 1 million+ websites, or good old fashioned e-mail leharvey77@gmail.com

Anyhoo, moving on. Today's topic is something that I've wanted to blog about for a while, but just haven't for whatever reason.

I, the very un-great Lauren, have noticed a frightening trend in writers' blogs.

We're all saying the same thing! (This is where you gasp in horror and the scary music plays.)

Soon after my blog on books being a dying art form, a small slew of other writers blogged about...literature going the way of electronics. Lovely. Yay for originality.

Since then, I have found that my topics (sans discussing MY OWN BOOKS) have been repeated. Other bloggers (even ones fairly close to me) have discussed music as an influence on writing, grammar, and everything in between.



Not good.

This begs the question: am I that lacking in originality that I am recycling other writers' work and I don't even realize it? OR, does it mean that there is so little to write about writing that redundancy is inevitable?

Say it isn't so!

What's worse is that I recently read an article discussing the fact that blogs need to have one main focus, or you loose readers. Thus saying, "Duh, L! You need to ONLY write about writing!"

Great. I'm redundant, boring AND no one wants to read my blog! LOL. As a writer, being boxed in like that is the worst thing ever. Writers love to write, regardless of topic/subject matter.

So, what do I do? Do I just stick to writing? How many of you want to read a blog on the joys of a semi-colon?

Do I just stick to my random political rants? How many blogs can one write about how they don't appreciate being stared at?

What do I do?

Honestly, I don't know. I'm a writer and I love to write. I like to write about writing, politics, life - you name it! So, I think that y'all will just have to deal with my blog jumping off writing topics from time to time. We're all adults here. You can handle it! ;)

As for the repitition in lit blogs, I don't know. Truth be told, I'm really quite disturbed by this fact. There is way too much for us to be discussing. If we all say the same thing, we send a message to our readers that literature is BORING.

It's not. It's anything BUT!

So with a heavy sigh, I shall go on blogging about things of a literary nature as well. I pray that when we blog about the same issues, that each writer puts their own spin/opinion on it. That will make each blog unique, and show people that there is far more to writing than just the same old-same old.

Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

Just do what you have been doing- I enjoy coming here to read these- and I am not the type to have a long attention span... plus you have pictures and good ones at that! Yay for picture blogs ;) So much love, quit worrying and hurry up and get Imperfect out as I want a copy since I have been hearing about it for a year now!!!
Tara H.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I've noticed the same thing! Perhaps Jung had it right and it's all related to "the collective unconscious"? Bah. Even if people blog about the same things every now and again each person's voice is unique so I say - go with it. :)

Besides, what are the odds of someone else having THE EXACT SAME insights as you? None. Well, at least very unlikely. ;)